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Sunday, 19 November 2017
It's now 8:15 PM in Singapore

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  • The players list is already sorted by created date.
  • To sort players according to name and position, please click on the title "Name" and "Position Sought" accordingly.
  • To view the player's profile, please click on the player's name. If you are interested in recruiting one of the players highlighted below send an email to: and the player's contact details will be released.

    ESPZEN regrets that we can not release a player's contact details once he has been recruited by a team.

Name Position Sought
Muhammad Bagus Almer Centre Back
Vincent Ikenna Striker
Vincent Ikenna Striker
Mamudu Mohammed Striker
Andreu Tarrida Utility Player
Diwakaran Midfield - Right
Nicholas Midfield - Right
Abdul Muhaimin Striker
Peter Pang Striker
Muhammad zharif Full Back - Left
Peter Pang Striker
Muhammad Khairi Bin Yusri Midfield - Centre
Yang Lun Utility Player
Glen Choo Goal Keeper
Matthew Ross Full Back - Right
Aloysius Midfield - Centre
Li En Centre Back
Wynn Khine Striker
Rup Midfield - Centre
Ali Full Back - Right
Tan Jing Xuan Daryl Midfield - Right
Pierre Utility Player
Imran Utility Player
wai sam Striker
Bryan Tan Centre Back
Daniel Lu Full Back - Right
Adii Utility Player
Favian Midfield - Right
Luqman hakim Centre Back
Aldrian Suherman Midfield - Left
Andrew Buckley Full Back - Right
Praveen Centre Back
Eddie Midfield - Centre
Yong Jun You Full Back - Right
Achhana Midfield - Centre
Mikhail Bin Jailani Striker
Viknesh Full Back - Right
indra Striker
Jeffrey Yip TRAINEE
Jan Utility Player
Muhammad Full Back - Left
Yashodhar Sharma Striker
Muhammad Afiq Azizi Bin Yamanhizas Full Back - Right
Shahin Nurshan Midfield - Centre
Ho Guan Yang Midfield - Centre
ryoga yamada Full Back - Right
Andre Lopes Utility Player
Josh KIM Full Back - Right
Justin Khoo Full Back - Right
Lim Cheng Chang Midfield - Centre
Gobind Singh Goal Keeper
Prashant Natarajan Centre Back
Ryan Loh Utility Player
EMMANUVAL Jose Midfield - Centre
TAN KIAT SIN Midfield - Right
muhammad haziq bin zulhidayat Midfield - Centre
Ruslan Centre Back
Paul Crozier Midfield - Centre
Sharin Striker
Vik Pillai Midfield - Centre
Hein Zaw Htet Striker
Hein Zaw Htet Striker
Clement Full Back - Left
Muhd Nazryl Striker
Dinesh Utility Player
Vishu Poojari Midfield - Left
Mohd Akmal Danial TRAINEE
Seah Shun Hang Goal Keeper
Aizy Rizqullah Midfield - Left
abdul hakim bin kadir Midfield - Centre
cheikh dieng Striker
MuhammadFirdaus Midfield - Left
Mohd Danish Adly Bin Abd Razak Full Back - Right
Syed Mahmud Centre Back
Khairul Amir Midfield - Left
Jayee Chew Utility Player
Muhammad Nurizzuddin Bin Md Noor Midfield - Left
Ang Zhi Yong Midfield - Centre
Qayyum'muqri Bin Azharudin Utility Player
Andrew Wong Utility Player
Syed Mahmud Goal Keeper
Vetrivel Chezhian Utility Player
chinh Midfield - Left
T. Nagacharan Teja Utility Player
Amandeep Singh Gill Midfield - Centre
Lau Kia Min Full Back - Right
Mohd Ashfar Uddin Khan Full Back - Left
Kayle Millan Full Back - Right
Aidil "AJ" Jalil Utility Player
Joshua Lee Midfield - Centre
Yosua Susanto Utility Player
Dorian Utility Player
Aditya Kumar Santosh Utility Player
James Park Full Back - Right
Eddy Chua Utility Player
Immanuel Striker
Andrew Wong Centre Back
Albert Zaw Striker
nkafu isidore ngu Midfield - Right
Vernon Midfield - Left
Harry Shim Midfield - Centre
Gon Goal Keeper
Yashodhar Sharma TRAINEE
Erik Smith Utility Player
jai Midfield - Right
tiong haw Utility Player
Tarun Kumar Sharma Full Back - Left
Ivan chua Utility Player
Danial Haziq Midfield - Centre
Colin O'Neill Midfield - Right
GK Goal Keeper
Olly Striker
Mohamed Danniel Midfield - Centre
Danial Shafiq Bin Abdul Rahman Midfield - Centre
Mohd Noor Azyuni B Halim Midfield - Right
benneth Midfield - Left
Rohan Gulvadi Full Back - Right
Jonathan McCluskey Utility Player
Eddie Striker
Muhammad Ammar Utility Player
Muhammad Ammar Bin Aidde Centre Back
Chong Kar Seng Midfield - Right
Mohamad Azril Bin Annuar Midfield - Right
Thamim Ansari Bin Mirasa Utility Player
Aidil Shahrin Bin Abdul Aziz Goal Keeper
Muhammad Raziff Bin Othman Midfield - Centre
Mirzan Hyder Full Back - Left
Veem Kumar Full Back - Right
Sheyd Abdul Salim Full Back - Right
Veem Kumar Midfield - Right
Joel Ang Utility Player
Adam Midfield - Right
Malcolm Full Back - Right
Malcolm Full Back - Right
Sameer Full Back - Left
KYI THAR SOEE Utility Player
David Si Thu Striker
Derrick Lim Dao Liang Full Back - Left
Darren Lim Midfield - Right
Kumaran Midfield - Right
Sanjay Kim Full Back - Left
David Si Thu Striker
Benjamin Loh Full Back - Right
Marcus Ng Goal Keeper
Khairi Midfield - Centre
jenson Midfield - Left
Husain Midfield - Centre
Nabil Arraiyan Midfield - Centre
Iqbal khalilullah Midfield - Centre
Colin Tan Full Back - Right
Toh Chen Kai Goal Keeper
Zubair Ahmed Midfield - Left
Rabbani Midfield - Centre
Daniel Nyam Jia Yi Midfield - Centre
Bruce Chan TRAINEE
Muhammad Raihan Bin Hamzah Midfield - Centre
Dan Centre Back
Adam Cheong Centre Back
Mick Tan Midfield - Centre
Michael Hong Centre Back
Iain K Utility Player
Timur Yildiz Striker
Mohamad Saufi Midfield - Centre
Chan Shao Jing Midfield - Right
STEFAN JOSE Midfield - Centre
Paul Daillencourt Centre Back
Edwin G Solomon jr Midfield - Right
Marvin Teh Striker
Daniel Nyam Jia Yi Midfield - Centre
Xian Midfield - Right
Albert Zaw Midfield - Left
Joe Storrar Striker
Eddie Striker
tan keng hong Full Back - Right
Carlos Ang Striker
CK Striker
Md norazmi Goal Keeper
Anthony Full Back - Right
Jon Ren Utility Player
Goh Jin Sin Midfield - Right
Eddy Chua Utility Player
Mohamed Sulaiman Bin Mohamed Hussain Midfield - Left
surendra thapa Midfield - Centre
Hardik Arora Midfield - Centre
RAGHAV CHAWLA Midfield - Right
Aiman Full Back - Right
David Lee Utility Player
Carlos Ang Striker
Jeremy Yang Centre Back
sam silson Centre Back
Farhan Ismail Midfield - Centre
GK Goal Keeper
Syafiq Striker
Alastair Tan Striker
Chun Yi Midfield - Left
Ameer Midfield - Right
abulhasanmaricar Striker
Lee kit hong Midfield - Centre
Jon Goal Keeper
Chng Wei Russell Utility Player
David Lee Utility Player
Derrick Centre Back
Mohamad Rashid Midfield - Left
Munir Hanafi Mohd Faisal Midfield - Centre
Jeremy Midfield - Left
Fizly Goal Keeper
Young Goal Keeper
Stanley Midfield - Left
David Lee Striker
Mohamed Aqil Bin Jalani Utility Player
Muhd Asyraaf Utility Player
Hein Striker
Ryann syaef Utility Player
Mervyn Loong Midfield - Centre
Muhd Asyraaf Midfield - Right
Clement Kan Utility Player
Muhammad Noor Haris Midfield - Left
Jc Goal Keeper
Shiddiq Rasid Midfield - Centre
Jaryl Utility Player
Muhd Al-Faruqi Midfield - Left
lee tiong haw Midfield - Centre
YAN Full Back - Left
Logess Utility Player
Muhd Aidil Striker
Muhd Shalihin Full Back - Right
Prasanth Ram Striker
Muhammad Ariffin Azali Striker
suraimi mustaffa Full Back - Right
Dave Utility Player
Andy Tay Midfield - Left
Issam Lukas Striker
Sam Fermont Midfield - Centre
Joel Ang Utility Player
MD ZUL-IBAD Goal Keeper
Ng CHuan Yi Utility Player
mohd sukri bin draman Utility Player
mohd sukri bin draman Utility Player
Sameer Centre Back
Teo Zhi Hao Full Back - Right
Timothy Chia Midfield - Centre
Alif Uzair TRAINEE
Fahmi Diky Al Rasyd Midfield - Centre
Jeremy Chian Centre Back
Ahmad danial Midfield - Right
PHILIP KOSHY Midfield - Left
Muhammad Ridhwan Centre Back
Abdul Hakim Bin Jamaludin Full Back - Left
Jie Ze Goal Keeper
Farshad Ismail Full Back - Right
Favian Wong Midfield - Right
LesterL Full Back - Right
Mohammad Nozam Bin Udin Striker
Sergil Giorano Midfield - Right
Muhammad Nurizzuddin Bin Md Noor Midfield - Left
Syafiq Sazali Midfield - Centre
Rahul Abraham TRAINEE
John Stanley Chew Full Back - Left
Ben Full Back - Right
Sarvess Veeriyah Striker
khairul Midfield - Right
Jason P Midfield - Centre
Mo Goal Keeper
Muhammad firdaus Utility Player
Ong Chong Siang Midfield - Centre
Jeremiah Lim Utility Player
Then Wei Siong Striker
Ong Chong Siang Midfield - Centre
Austin Centre Back
Azroy Utility Player
Miki Gogov Midfield - Right
Abdul Shahrukh Centre Back
Andy Tay Kiat Tian Midfield - Right
Eugene Midfield - Right
Bima Midfield - Centre
JIA JUN Full Back - Right
zamani Centre Back
muhdmmad nadhir Midfield - Left
Hady Midfield - Centre
Muhamad Danial Striker
Aniq Full Back - Left
Iskandar Striker
Haziq Striker
David Lee Midfield - Left
Ahmad Haziq Striker
Muhammad Haziq Irfan Full Back - Right
Vikram Striker
Muhammad Zulhilmi Centre Back
muhammad khaled harnavin Striker
Muhd Lutfi Qayyum bin Rashid Midfield - Left
Rusyaidi Centre Back
Muhammad lutfil hadi Midfield - Right
Vishnu Full Back - Left
Yuhi Watanabe Utility Player
David Lee Midfield - Left
Myat Noe Kyaw Midfield - Centre
Rusyaidee bin yazalee Centre Back
marcelo Goal Keeper
Junaidii Utility Player
ivan mudron Midfield - Centre
Richard Wee Utility Player
Khai Midfield - Right
Javier Goal Keeper
Den Striker
Ugeneswaran Anbarasan Midfield - Centre
Chris Bomber Goal Keeper
William Jentoft Stavem Full Back - Left
Joe Daniel Austin TRAINEE
Mohamad Urfan Midfield - Centre
BC Goal Keeper
Muhammad khairulnizam bin mazlan Midfield - Centre
Fikri Noerhadi Midfield - Centre
thirumaran Striker
Sameer Saxena Striker
Marc Ferris Midfield - Centre
Cheong Midfield - Right
Mohamed ben azizi Striker
Kieran Foong Full Back - Right
Lo Chung Lam Midfield - Right
karthik m Full Back - Left
Md Affan Kurniawan Full Back - Right
Shah Midfield - Right
Syafiq Full Back - Right
nathaniel TRAINEE
wafiq Centre Back
Marou Utility Player
Muhammad Syazni Full Back - Left
Muhammad Bin Aman Striker
Muhammad Fauzan Midfield - Left
Putra Zulfadhli TRAINEE
Alex Full Back - Left
Muhammad Abdau Chaesa Putra Striker
Abdul Haleem B Abdul Malek Midfield - Centre
Boon Teo Full Back - Left
Muhammad Fazrin Striker
yousif Midfield - Left
andrew fong Utility Player
Joshua Woo Midfield - Centre
wafiq Centre Back
Hanz Goal Keeper
Mohamed Midfield - Centre
Aswin Midfield - Left
Yash Abhay Joshi Midfield - Centre
Ben Centre Back
Ham Midfield - Centre
Khai Centre Back
Tan Fong Chen Midfield - Left
Joshua Utility Player
Haritharan Midfield - Centre
Teo Zhi Hao Utility Player
Jeremy Tan Midfield - Centre
kumar Striker
nobin thomas Midfield - Left
Muhammad Ferdous Striker
Virain Bhojwani Full Back - Left
Edgen Utility Player
Muhd Hilmifahim bin Ahmad Sulimi Midfield - Centre
Yong Sheng Full Back - Right
muhammad sufi adha bin mohamad Midfield - Centre
Manfred Midfield - Centre
Haja Muhyudeen Striker
Mohd Herwan Striker
Aiman Striker
Rizki Midfield - Left
Bryan Shon Midfield - Centre
Timothy Chia TRAINEE
David kim Midfield - Right
Shahrun Noor Midfield - Right
Jim Midfield - Centre
Adam Edwards Full Back - Right
Manraj singh Midfield - Centre
Ziggy Striker
Gareth Loh Midfield - Left
Sung YoungSeob Full Back - Right
Nurhakim Bin Zamani Striker
Navin arun Midfield - Right
Darren Midfield - Right
Suriandy Striker
Muhammad Ilhan TRAINEE
Fadil Abdul Azeez Striker
William Centre Back
K Alages Striker
Benjamin Loh Midfield - Right
Rasprit Singh Full Back - Left
Teoklit Premto Centre Back
Mervyn Loong Yi Xuan TRAINEE
JC Goal Keeper
Dave Midfield - Centre
Clement Full Back - Left
Ronald Tan Utility Player
Benedict Midfield - Centre
Norazan Asari Goal Keeper
David Striker
Hafizat jauharmi Midfield - Centre
Ryan Midfield - Right
Rachit Sethia Midfield - Left
Khairul Irfan Striker
Rahimi Rahman Midfield - Right
harith Midfield - Left
Melvin Chia Goal Keeper
Joshua Midfield - Right
Ian Leo Midfield - Centre
Neo Jin Kwee Striker
Aaron Striker
Harjit Khatkar Midfield - Left
ong jun hao Midfield - Left
ivan chua Centre Back
Pham Bang Linh Centre Back
Low Utility Player
Vishwanath M Poojari Midfield - Left
Mark Fazio Midfield - Right
Revin russell Midfield - Centre
Arif surathi Goal Keeper
Ayebatonye Alfred Douglas Utility Player
Eugene Striker
JEREMY LOPEZ Utility Player
Revin russell Midfield - Centre
Hao Midfield - Left
Christian Robert Full Back - Left
Arundas Midfield - Centre
Nicholas Ledenmark Centre Back
Nicholas Ledenmark Centre Back
Justin St George Full Back - Left
Bryan Saldanha Full Back - Left
mathew joseph Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Abdau Chaesa Putra Striker
siddharth pandit Midfield - Left
Muhd Ashiq Midfield - Centre
Andrew Yau Utility Player
Gaurav Pandey Midfield - Centre
Jason vellu Striker
Alex C Midfield - Centre
Yan Striker
Tan Shi Lin Centre Back
Jerome Xavi Foo Full Back - Left
Maldini Full Back - Left
vignesh Midfield - Centre
Nicholas Ledenmark Centre Back
shubham Midfield - Right
Muhammad Nabil Abdul Rahim Midfield - Centre
Gabriel H. TRAINEE
Richard Evan Thiemann TRAINEE
Tan Wei Sheng Midfield - Centre
Chee Yuan Sheng TRAINEE
Looking for players Utility Player
Sean Ambrose Lim Wei Xiang TRAINEE
Lau Hong Yi Goal Keeper
Christianto Renata Centre Back
Liew Striker
Amirul faisal Midfield - Right
Shen Lim Midfield - Centre
Mo Utility Player
Dina Alejandrino Goal Keeper
Yao Goal Keeper
Ben Midfield - Right
Mahathir TRAINEE
Nicholas S. Midfield - Left
aizuddin Goal Keeper
Aaron Striker
Vady Midfield - Left
lee t h Midfield - Centre
Jacques Joblon Midfield - Centre
JunYoung Midfield - Centre
Tan David Midfield - Right
Jaryl Teo Midfield - Right
A Raju Full Back - Right
Kelvin Full Back - Right
Seng Zheng yang Goal Keeper
Bayu Tanmizi Utility Player
Taka Kadono Utility Player
Jeremy Tan Utility Player
Vineeth Dsouza Full Back - Left
Amin Jenid Goal Keeper
Nazryl Midfield - Right
Seng Zheng yang Goal Keeper
Rozai Midfield - Left
Luke Utility Player
Tey Chee Hong, smith Midfield - Centre
Jeff JANIVEL Midfield - Centre
Jeff Midfield - Centre
Clinton choy Striker
Lie Luo Striker
Kevin Midfield - Right
Keith chan Utility Player
Christianto Renata Centre Back
Phillip 'the Wall' Baker Centre Back
Harish Singh TRAINEE
Henry Midfield - Centre
Reuben Goh Midfield - Right
Remi Roslan Striker
satish narayanan iyer Centre Back
Haqim Zainuddin Midfield - Right
Bony Jacob Striker
Jeremy Joseph Thomas Utility Player
Muhammad Abdau Chaesa Putra Midfield - Left
Brian Dsouza Full Back - Right
Kenneth Yip Striker
Ivan Wang Midfield - Left
Tan Shi Lin Centre Back
Shah Midfield - Right
Justin Harper Full Back - Right
Mohamed Faheem Centre Back
Vivien Miranda Full Back - Right
Srinivasan Striker
S Vikram Striker
Pete B Striker
Hanslee Midfield - Left
Abdulrahman Salah Midfield - Centre
Jonathan lim Midfield - Left
Shawal Daud Utility Player
M.Nazryl Midfield - Centre
Muhd Ridauddin Bin Mohd Barak Striker
Fabio Guimaraes Utility Player
Austin Striker
Fariss Mohamed Midfield - Centre
Ian Ong Centre Back
Ken Striker
Nain Midfield - Left
Taufiq Midfield - Left
Muhd Shaffiee Bin Affendy Striker
Muhammad Shahril Bin Rahmat Utility Player
Kenneth Ang Utility Player
Sang Full Back - Right
Stephen Ke Midfield - Centre
Teo Chuan Hao Centre Back
Ng ming hin benedict Utility Player
Sandip Gupta Striker
Austin Teo Goal Keeper
azmi Midfield - Left
J Harit Midfield - Right
Darren wong Full Back - Left
Tan Jun yang TRAINEE
Troy Denilson Full Back - Left
Richard Max Utility Player
chong tiam soon Utility Player
Chirag ravi Midfield - Left
Nithin Sampath Full Back - Right
Kanishk Jain Midfield - Right
ROSARIO DCOSTA Full Back - Right
Muhd Haikal bin ismail Striker
Magnus Grimeland Midfield - Centre
Jim Sarka Utility Player
Rasyidin Full Back - Right
Ugur Arikan Midfield - Centre
ivo petrus ginting Midfield - Centre
Leo Lee Goal Keeper
Faiz Midfield - Centre
Allen Full Back - Right
Barry Full Back - Left
Shadiq Midfield - Centre
Suraj Venkatraman Midfield - Left
Mohammad Firdhaus Full Back - Right
Kenneth Wong Midfield - Centre
Henry Tan Midfield - Right
Bro Awesome Full Back - Right
Amritpal Utility Player
Sam Singh Rawat Striker
Thomas Striker
Rao Anant Kodavoor Midfield - Centre
Djaly Utility Player
Dave Utility Player
James Midfield - Right
Messi Striker
Minsu Goal Keeper
John Thankamony Full Back - Left
Hafizul Hariz Goal Keeper
Muhammad Danial Midfield - Centre
Hadi Centre Back
Ryan Utility Player
Gerald Kingsley Striker
Gerald Kingsley Striker
Mihir Shah Goal Keeper
Aalap Asurlekar Striker
D Simon Paul Striker
Wang Jian Utility Player
Alfyan Sapwan Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Hissamudin Bin Johari Full Back - Left
Eugene Song Midfield - Right
Muhammad Aisamuddin Centre Back
Jerome Lim Tzerhan TRAINEE
Muhammad Aisamuddin Centre Back
Oliver Canavan Utility Player
Chua Xian Wei Full Back - Right
Soonmin,hwang Midfield - Right
mohamad khairul bin mohamad saleh Midfield - Right
Muhammad Fadhan Bin Abdul Hamid Midfield - Left
Tounde paul innocent Centre Back
John Ezekiel Gabriel Striker
Mohammad Amin Goal Keeper
Noh Heeho Midfield - Right
amir husaini bin musa Striker
ismail saifuddin bin musa Utility Player
Amos s/o marimuthu TRAINEE
Sean Utility Player
DA MAN Centre Back
Khairulnizam Bin Kamarudin Striker
Jason Alexander Striker
Steven Ji Full Back - Right
Jonathan Ho Midfield - Centre
kelvin cheong lin feng Striker
Jun Wei Goal Keeper
Khairulnizam Bin Kamarudin Striker
patrick hinneh wilson Striker
Rushab Runwal Utility Player
Bryan Shon Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Haiqal Hanafie Centre Back
Ian foo Midfield - Centre
Sham Goal Keeper
Max Kloer Utility Player
Justin Lim Striker
Shahin Utility Player
Sheyd Abdul Salim Bin Othman Full Back - Right
Jonathan Lallemand Striker
muhammad dzulfiqhar Centre Back
Muhammad Ramadhan Midfield - Centre
Ryan Utility Player
Krish Striker
Joel Lim Midfield - Right
Matt Swett Full Back - Right
siddharth pandit Midfield - Centre
Vernon Midfield - Left
Finley Howard Centre Back
Finley Howard Centre Back
mael Utility Player
raihan Midfield - Right
Louis Quek Utility Player
See Shao Hang Midfield - Left
Adam Rahming Midfield - Right
John Turnbull Full Back - Right
Rory Brown Utility Player
Joel Lim Midfield - Right
Amsyar Haziq Striker
Kendrick Ho Midfield - Right
Andrew Zakaluzny Striker
J.C. Goal Keeper
Quoc Striker
Iwan Utility Player
Lim Jiow Yang (Lance) Striker
amirul afiq Midfield - Left
jasman shah bin jumain Goal Keeper
Harmeet Singh Midfield - Left
Rahul Chatterji Midfield - Left
Sam Utility Player
chit min thein Striker
Muhammad Asri Bin Sudin Full Back - Right
Rakesh Striker
Azim Striker
Aaron Boon Goal Keeper
Alfyan Sapwan Striker
Isaac Driver Midfield - Centre
Qamarul Arifin Full Back - Right
Md idris Midfield - Centre
Mohd hydil bin zulfikar ali Midfield - Left
Jason GD Utility Player
Dave ZQ Striker
Jorge Esteve Full Back - Right
Haikal Rizal Midfield - Left
William Midfield - Centre
Abdur Rahman Goal Keeper
Mohammad Fazali Utility Player
Nur Aqif Bin Yusaini Striker
Arjun Sinha Utility Player
Benjamin Haku Dawn Tan Utility Player
Nicholas Handinata Striker
Ooi Jun Hao Striker
muhammad khaled harnavin Striker
Rizki Apriansyah Midfield - Centre
Benjamin Loofe Full Back - Left
Eric Ronquillo Midfield - Centre
Muhd Nazryl Midfield - Centre
Mohammad Fazali Utility Player
Danial shafiq Full Back - Right
Joel Lim Midfield - Right
Omar Mokhtar Khan Surattee Full Back - Right
Sanders Striker
Melvin Goal Keeper
mohd herman Midfield - Centre
Fai A Gaffa Centre Back
Krish Striker
Muhammad Hafiz Bin Hashim Goal Keeper
Keith O Leary Utility Player
Firdaus viper Striker
Azmi Full Back - Left
Kelvin P Full Back - Right
Leo Utility Player
adii Striker
koh pei qi Utility Player
Fauzie Goal Keeper
Favian Bon Striker
Victor Lee Midfield - Right
Mahadhir Kaisan Midfield - Centre
Ahmad Faizal Midfield - Centre
Shaharudin bin Samsudin Midfield - Right
Muhammad Ali Hanafiah Utility Player
Mauricio Gomez Midfield - Centre
Rozai Utility Player
Mohamed Ariffin Striker
norazim amiry Utility Player
Alfian Bin Hamzah Full Back - Right
Yazi Brent Baldwin Midfield - Left
Cheong Jiazheng Midfield - Centre
Amin Striker
Dave Singh Striker
Muhd Akmal Hussein Bin Ismail TRAINEE
nico valerie Utility Player
Rida korriche Striker
Kyaw Nyi Nyi Htoo Midfield - Centre
Muhamad Rizman Bin Muhamad Razak Striker
Shunji Striker
Patrick Tan Full Back - Left
Amin Striker
affezan Midfield - Centre
Jayden Toh Striker
Harit Striker
Adii Utility Player
Glendon Goal Keeper
Ari Rahmad Goal Keeper
Darran Teo Midfield - Centre
Muhd farhan bin aslan Midfield - Centre
WONG WE LOON Midfield - Right
hairi rahiman Utility Player
Evren Striker
Teo Yi Wei Striker
Fauzie Goal Keeper
Aaron Goh Striker
Joseph LJY Utility Player
Ryonald Teo Utility Player
Sarwan Midfield - Right
Adii Striker
Kouji Nishina Striker
Brandon Tan TRAINEE
Timur Yildiz Midfield - Left
Muhammad Sufie Iman Midfield - Right
adib Full Back - Left
Ken Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Zuhairi Bin Za'ahari Striker
Kato Tomooki Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Danish Striker
Muhd Faridzuan Midfield - Centre
Ishak Johari Midfield - Left
Alan Tang Midfield - Centre
Sam P Midfield - Centre
Alan Nguyen Goal Keeper
Muhammad Hilmi Utility Player
Mohammad Erwan Bin Miswan Utility Player
Haaziq Ahmed Midfield - Right
Liang Ming Qian Midfield - Left
Dylan Goal Keeper
Muhd Aiman Midfield - Centre
Rizq Abdul Utility Player
Haikal Centre Back
Hunter Terry Utility Player
Eric Meyer Striker
Abdul Hakim Utility Player
Muhammad Sufian Striker
Simon Chui Midfield - Centre
Lau Han Yong TRAINEE
Manjit Utility Player
jasper lim Utility Player
Qayum (Alem Sánz) Striker
Daiyan Bin Zali Midfield - Right
Mukhamedov Lutfulla Midfield - Centre
Zoel Midfield - Centre
Joel Lim Midfield - Right
raihan Full Back - Right
Kava Mehta Full Back - Right
James yeap Midfield - Left
Ian Ong Midfield - Centre
Calvin Chiam Midfield - Centre
Jerevis Tan Midfield - Right
NG Zhong Han Striker
Sanjeev Kumar Striker
Marvin Striker
Zelmi Amran Midfield - Left
Muhd Aaron Full Back - Left
Ray Utility Player
Aaron Midfield - Centre
Ben Reduan Goal Keeper
Hissham Midfield - Right
Arsath Farvaesh Midfield - Right
Bing Xiang(BX) Utility Player
Eric Meyer Striker
Bernard Lui Full Back - Right
Ronald Tan Utility Player
Joel Lim Midfield - Centre
Kendrick Full Back - Right
Andy Ng Midfield - Right
SHARIN Midfield - Centre
Md Hans Isaac Bin Fadzir Striker
Muhammad Fauzi Midfield - Left
Kenneth Tan Centre Back
Lutfi bin Abdullah Midfield - Centre
jack Midfield - Centre
M.Nazryl Huzaimi Midfield - Right
Jerevis Tan Midfield - Right
Simon Lee Midfield - Left
sarwan bin sahar Midfield - Right
Darul Maiz Utility Player
E-Ann Midfield - Centre
Shree Vishnu Full Back - Right
muhammad ali Goal Keeper
Messi Midfield - Right
afsal Midfield - Left
Mohammad Amin Striker
Mohamed Fauzi Centre Back
khaidem vicky meitei Midfield - Left
Damien Hajjaji Full Back - Right
Chua shermond Full Back - Right
Mohamed Haffiz bin Mohamed Yassin Goal Keeper
Sivaneson Krishnamoorthy Midfield - Centre
Hakim Full Back - Left
Chiraag T Utility Player
Mudit Midfield - Left
Joshua Tan Midfield - Centre
Kelvin P Full Back - Right
zaini Midfield - Right
bevan Midfield - Centre
Prad Striker
denny syddall Striker
Leclercq Thibault Midfield - Right
German D Olivos Striker
Jonathan Edward Lahey Utility Player
Zhiyan Foo Midfield - Right
MUDIT GUPTA Midfield - Left
Sutris Striker
Sutris Striker
Faizal Ismail Midfield - Centre
salman farsi Midfield - Centre
Costa Lee Striker
Muhammad Firdaus Striker
Mengjia Lu Midfield - Centre
ARDANN Midfield - Right
hairi rahiman Striker
Lim Ze-Young Midfield - Centre
Kenneth Chuan Midfield - Centre
JAIBIN Midfield - Centre
IKHEE KIM Midfield - Right
Sid Midfield - Centre
Michael Wong Utility Player
Saiful bahari Striker
John Fong Midfield - Centre
Darren Lee Goal Keeper
Nizam Hassan Goal Keeper
Edmund Anthony Utility Player
Ng Wyane Aloysius Midfield - Right
Karim Full Back - Right
sumeet Midfield - Centre
Kathirevan kalyanperumal Midfield - Left
kathirevan kalyanperumal Full Back - Left
Joe Daniel Austin Striker
Kathirevan kalyanperumal Full Back - Left
sharin bin sanwan Midfield - Centre
Sohrab Hossein Utility Player
Sohrab Hossein Utility Player
Samuel Midfield - Right
Zac Godfrey-Plews Midfield - Right
Bon Wai Jian Striker
Oelilton Araujo Santos ETTO Full Back - Right
Gary Townson Midfield - Centre
Ian Goh Striker
Joaquim Bellmunt Utility Player
Keith Tura Utility Player
ACHRAF Striker
Baihaqi Bin Ayoob Midfield - Centre
Peter xu Utility Player
Francis Donahue marcel Utility Player
Heah Jian Hong Striker
Chua Keng Soon Eddy Utility Player
Abdul haziq bin adzhari Striker
Muhd Hafiizh Striker
Caleb Wong Midfield - Left
Aaron Utility Player
Fiqri Sazali Midfield - Centre
Ricky faroni Midfield - Centre
Rudy Pyo Midfield - Centre
SanHow Midfield - Centre
cody Midfield - Left
Fauzie Goal Keeper
William Puvanesan Midfield - Centre
Germin Chan Midfield - Centre
Rudi Rushydi Utility Player
Simon Full Back - Right
tan wei bin TRAINEE
Rio Hoe Midfield - Centre
Sinar Muhammad Utility Player
Muhammad Syamsul Bin Ramli Midfield - Centre
Teo Chor Yaw Leon Striker
Hussain Fathah TRAINEE
Rishidev Midfield - Right
Jr Simha Midfield - Left
Haikal Centre Back
Fairus Zulkifli Centre Back
James Law Striker
Joon Ming Full Back - Right
Nabeel Zia Midfield - Centre
Najeh Othman Centre Back
Nicholas Ledenmark Midfield - Centre
Calvin Poh Utility Player
James Ingham Full Back - Right
Sam P Midfield - Centre
krish Striker
Richard Thomas-Pryce Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Muharram Bin Zor Adenan Full Back - Right
Said Falah Midfield - Left
saiful bahari Striker
azroy Midfield - Centre
Huzaifah Bin Sulaiman Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Afiq Bin Yusman TRAINEE
Muhammad Haseif Bin Surahman Utility Player
Muhammad Haseif Bin Surahman Utility Player
Muhammad Nasaee Rosydun Bin Aswadi Centre Back
Abhishek Ravi Full Back - Right
David Bennett Midfield - Right
Justin Jo Striker
Muhd Abdillah Striker
mohammad Striker
Joshua Utility Player
Deric O Striker
Nicholas Wong Striker
Muhd AzriFadli Goal Keeper
Muhammad Khan Midfield - Left
Armaan Mehra Midfield - Right
Siddeeq Full Back - Left
Tim Wilson Midfield - Centre
Kah Jyun Full Back - Left
Leo Lee Midfield - Right
Chua Jia Wei Centre Back
Winston Soh Harn jun Striker
Winston Soh Harn jun Striker
Ryan New Utility Player
Stanley Chew Striker
yauyang Utility Player
yau yang Centre Back
Imran ruslan Striker
Tay Teck Hong Midfield - Left
Muhammad ali Goal Keeper
kel Full Back - Left
Gurukirat Midfield - Centre
Marcus LIm Goal Keeper
Muhammad Haikal Bin Ahmad Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Amirul Bin Ahmad Full Back - Right
Michael Striker
Suraimi Mustaffa Full Back - Right
Noor Hamzah Centre Back
Jacob Thankamony Utility Player
Naresh S/O Ginasakaram Midfield - Left
Muhammad AzriFadli Bin Johani Striker
Png Midfield - Centre
Mohd Herwan Bin Mohd Junaidi Striker
Selvam Centre Back
Shankaran Kukreja Full Back - Right
Ivon Brandao Utility Player
prem sangkar Midfield - Right
Haikal Centre Back
Haikal Centre Back
limshengyao Midfield - Right
Darul Maiz Striker
Kel Full Back - Right
Azree Bin Zamree TRAINEE
Pierre Tournier Utility Player
MALVIN LEE Midfield - Centre
David Berkeley Centre Back
Shane Galvin Utility Player
Aaqib Midfield - Centre
mohamed imran bin samat Utility Player
Ze Amran Midfield - Left
Fazli Full Back - Right
Shaun Amir Full Back - Right
Roy Midfield - Right
Sam Midfield - Centre
Md Asri bin Saibolbahri Striker
mohammad alif Midfield - Centre
Kelvin Phan Striker
Michael Lim Utility Player
Favian Midfield - Right
Zoel Midfield - Right
Mohamad Izwan Midfield - Left
Md Ridhwan Striker
jack Utility Player
mohd herwan bin mohs junaidi Striker
M.H.Simon Utility Player
Muhammad Fauzi Goal Keeper
David Filby Midfield - Left
Fariss Salam Midfield - Right
Ng Si Hua (Allen) Utility Player
Johnny Stead Jr Goal Keeper
Nico valerie Striker
duane oferrall Goal Keeper
Rosli Utility Player
Romeo Midfield - Centre
Deric Ong Midfield - Right
aldrin julio Midfield - Centre
Srinivasan Full Back - Right
William Chan Centre Back
JoHan Striker
Gilchrist Amofa Mensah Midfield - Centre
Gilchrist Amofa Mensah Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Syazwan Goal Keeper
Alex Phua Zheng Da Midfield - Centre
Norhafiz Shamadi Utility Player
mohamed zakaria bin Hashim Centre Back
Kendrick Utility Player
Ian k Striker
Muhammad Faridzuan Bin Samsudin Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Faridzuan Bin Samsudin Midfield - Centre
Ivan Bijelic Striker
Muhammad Imran Bin Ismail Centre Back
Muhammad ’Arif Bin Mohamed Alias Centre Back
Muhammad ’Arif Bin Mohamed Alias Centre Back
Vernon Midfield - Left
muhammad mahathir bin mohamed younan Striker
ardann Striker
Leslie C Midfield - Centre
Leong Darren Midfield - Right
Leong Midfield - Centre
Eric Zhang Full Back - Right
Khalifahtularif bin adanan Midfield - Right
Jun Kiat Striker
Jun Kiat Striker
Alexander Au Li Hao Striker
Muhammad Ali @mahendaran Goal Keeper
Muhammad Ali @mahendaran Goal Keeper
Syed Almahdali Midfield - Right
Guang Hui Full Back - Right
chandra alias dynamo Utility Player
Kaveh Striker
Adarsh Chhabria Utility Player
Fostor FOONG Full Back - Left
Ben Striker
Ben Striker
David Filby Midfield - Left
Denver Vanslow Kong Wai Leong Full Back - Right
Rakesh Full Back - Right
shanakian rajkumaresan Utility Player
Handsome fella Full Back - Right
MARAN Utility Player
Yeo Wei Min Justin Utility Player
Naresh Striker
James Young Midfield - Centre
Daniel Ong Midfield - Centre
Norazan Goal Keeper
Tan Midfield - Left
Tan Full Back - Left
Hash Vinder Goal Keeper
Josiah Tan Midfield - Right
Muhd Fadhilah Midfield - Centre
Gerry Hoe Utility Player
Marcus Han Midfield - Left
Toi Utility Player
Arvi Alibi Midfield - Centre
norhafiz Utility Player
Michael Napoli Midfield - Right
sekarbalamurugan Midfield - Centre
MARCUS TEO Utility Player
Abi Full Back - Left
Joel Midfield - Centre
TS Striker
Kelvin Lai TRAINEE
Mohammad Sakhawat hossain Striker
Noor Hamzah Utility Player
Solihin Striker
Fairuz Centre Back
LENNY TAN Utility Player
Amod Utility Player
Kevin Wagner Midfield - Left
John Thankamony Full Back - Left
Rizzwaimi Midfield - Right
Rif Midfield - Left
Lloyd Centre Back
Koh Kah Hoong Midfield - Right
Adii Midfield - Centre
Will Utility Player
J.C. Goal Keeper
Faz Ryan Azman Midfield - Centre
George Worsley Midfield - Centre
Yussof Utility Player
Abiq Utility Player
David Moyes Utility Player
Avniel see Utility Player
Elvin Goh Midfield - Centre
Faz Ryan Azman Striker
Edward Chong TRAINEE
Peter Pang Full Back - Left
Jeremiah Tang TRAINEE
Zaini Jamil Full Back - Right
Khaidzir Utility Player
Fauzie Goal Keeper
kelvin tan kheng weng Striker
Ridzuan Centre Back
Nash Midfield - Centre
Jerhedyah Kyle LeCaine Stead Striker
Naveen Joseph Midfield - Right
Luca Milito Striker
Putra Full Back - Right
Amin Striker
Russell Midfield - Centre
John Thankamony Full Back - Left
Nabeel Zia Full Back - Right
Calvin Poh Utility Player
George Worsley Midfield - Centre
muhammad ramadhan Midfield - Centre
Arvin Centre Back
Gabriel Full Back - Right
Sam Midfield - Centre
Farooq Rohaizat TRAINEE
Jani Ghaffor Midfield - Right
Craig Norman Midfield - Centre
Tony Hacking Utility Player
Bryan Huang Midfield - Right
Benedict Midfield - Centre
Tan Chee Keong Striker
Chuen Kiat Midfield - Right
Yeo Yi Hui Midfield - Right
Muhammad Isa Bin Bahar Goal Keeper
Muhammad Isa Bin Bahar Goal Keeper
Majid Tanveer Striker
Samdu Ngedup Striker
shaun Utility Player
Fairuz Zulkifli Striker
Zach Midfield - Centre
Saif Farooqui Midfield - Centre
Abdillah Centre Back
David Full Back - Right
LiKaiRui Striker
Mario Brocchi neto Midfield - Left
Harjit Khatkar Utility Player
Muhammad Nazri Rosli Midfield - Right
Haikal Centre Back
Ardison Midfield - Left
james Ong Striker
Riduan Badardin Striker
Albert Striker
Khai Midfield - Centre
Muhammad khairi Utility Player
Christian TRAINEE
Albert Wibowo TRAINEE
Jonathan Utility Player
Zack Centre Back
Samuel Harris Midfield - Centre
Gabir Striker
Peter Naidos Full Back - Right
Hendri hendri Midfield - Left
Venini Centre Back
Ganesh Shetty Goal Keeper
Jelle Kroes Midfield - Right
Martin Campbell Midfield - Right
Aidil Jufri Full Back - Left
Philip bogaars Full Back - Right
Mohamed Zakaria Centre Back
Jason Khoo Full Back - Left
Elmer Ryes Goal Keeper
Ben Striker
Nigel Goh Utility Player
Vicky Utility Player
Muhammad Hafiz Goal Keeper
Junhong Wee Midfield - Right
Aidil Jufri Full Back - Left
Danny Midfield - Left
Desmond Koh Goal Keeper
Alex Wong Full Back - Right
HAKIM Full Back - Left
Low Striker
Marche Utility Player
Marche Loke Striker
Nigel Midfield - Right
Leong Midfield - Centre
Jonathan Tan Zheng Wei Midfield - Right
Muhammad Iqmal Bin Nordin Centre Back
Edwin Tham Striker
Muhd Sufiyan Midfield - Centre
Khairul Nashirin Midfield - Centre
Philippe Lecloux Midfield - Right
Ali Irhami Centre Back
Qamarul Midfield - Centre
Jani Ghaffor Midfield - Right
hasibsaifuddin Goal Keeper
Paul Tng Midfield - Centre
Haikal (Junior) Centre Back
Muhammad Harith Bin Abdul Rahman Striker
Abdul Rafiq TRAINEE
Matt Midfield - Centre
Jérémy Guioth Midfield - Centre
Nor Hafiqal Bin M Zorhari Striker
Hanafi Alias Midfield - Centre
Thieu-vi Phung AKA Kevin Utility Player
Sparsh Rastogi Midfield - Centre
Ho Ming Utility Player
Afik Midfield - Left
yen kim long Full Back - Right
Andrew Lee Striker
Yoshinori Nakata Utility Player
Gregoire Arbonville Striker
Carlos Quintero Midfield - Centre
Nurhasan Amir Utility Player
Muhammad Nur Aidil Centre Back
Yubaraj Limbu Midfield - Centre
Noor Hamzah Midfield - Centre
Justin Yap Full Back - Right
Carlos Midfield - Centre
Mohamed Afdhal Goal Keeper
Muhamat Faizal Utility Player
Bryan tan Striker
Jason Apter Striker
Hash Vinder Goal Keeper
Igor Roguine Striker
Park Jung min Striker
Saif Kureishi Midfield - Centre
Shafie Alias Full Back - Right
nick Midfield - Centre
Marten Robertson Midfield - Centre
Tatenda Full Back - Right
Muhammad Raymond bin Muhd Rizal Striker
Markus Schulze Midfield - Left
Sean Lai Utility Player
Dylan Tay Jun Long Midfield - Left
Lawson Peters Utility Player
Dave Lyndon E. Malazarte Midfield - Right
LEE RYAN Utility Player
Leong Midfield - Centre
Charlie K Centre Back
Julian Vetasingham Midfield - Left
Muhd Izyan Striker
Rinchen Goal Keeper
Kariim Harris Midfield - Right
Ahmad Danial Bin Saini Utility Player
Daniel Lopez Utility Player
Vadivelu Patrick De Silva Striker
Vadivelu Patrick Dé Silva Striker
Guhanesh Midfield - Centre
Fairuz Zulkifli Striker
Muhammad Hairizam Bin Mohamadan Striker
Vinod Kumar Midfield - Centre
carlos weijie Striker
Timothy Lim Centre Back
Victor Cai Full Back - Right
man utd fans Midfield - Right
Muhammad Syawal Bin Rahman Striker
Muhammad Shah Bin Dewanan Goal Keeper
Anouar elmjabber Midfield - Right
Izzat Hashim Midfield - Centre
Izzat Hashim Midfield - Centre
Clarence Jeremiah Lee Midfield - Right
Martin Trappe TRAINEE
Mohamed Fauzi Centre Back
Dominic (David De Gea) Goal Keeper
Sarhan Riffin Striker
Syafiq Midfield - Left
Rx Utility Player
Kamen Rider Rx Midfield - Right
Muhammad Farhan Midfield - Centre
Aidil Xui Utility Player
Kamen Rider Black Rx Midfield - Right
Azhar Midfield - Centre
Choy Tuck Wai Centre Back
Hamiludin Full Back - Left
Muhammad Hafiz Goal Keeper
Vernon Midfield - Left
Ben Campbell Striker
Andrew Striker
Julian Lim Striker
Andreas Smeets Midfield - Right
Png Midfield - Centre
Alang Midfield - Left
Airul Zahrin Striker
Afizan Centre Back
Fairuz Zulkifli Striker
Iqbal Melber Striker
amin al Midfield - Centre
Rizzwaimi Midfield - Right
Fad Goal Keeper
Josiah Midfield - Right
Muhammad Syazwan Goal Keeper
Martin Tubig TRAINEE
Eddy Rahman Midfield - Centre
Arkar Centre Back
sarathchandran Centre Back
Moe Khant Thaw Full Back - Right
Haziq Zulkifili Striker
Jae Midfield - Centre
Huang Jun Xiang TRAINEE
Nigel Midfield - Right
Adam Cohen Utility Player
Marche Loke Utility Player
Koh Junming Utility Player
Raihan Striker
Surya Shahi Striker
Navjot Singh Full Back - Left
min (van der sar) Goal Keeper
E-ann Utility Player
desmond ong TRAINEE
Sameer Khan Full Back - Left
Rob Weaver Striker
Roy Fuad Midfield - Right
Paul Sanderson Utility Player
Mazlan Nordin Full Back - Right
Sarhan Riffin Striker
Darren Midfield - Right
Darren Midfield - Right
Darul maiz Striker
illyas bin sulaiman Striker
Sam Midfield - Centre
Aidil Utility Player
Phillip Vo Midfield - Left
Phillip Vo Midfield - Left
Pedro Montero Mattos Midfield - Left
Yeep Jun Hui Midfield - Centre
Amin Striker
Fauzie Goal Keeper
Willy Lai Striker
Ajan Striker
Mizan Striker
Jasper Lim Full Back - Right
Faisal Yunus Utility Player
Chris lim Full Back - Right
Nique Paco Midfield - Centre
Lenny Tan Full Back - Right
Anthony Carnell Goal Keeper
Eddy Rahman Midfield - Centre
Eddy Rahman Midfield - Centre
Zuli Utility Player
Ali Imran Midfield - Right
Sean Harrison-Nayak Striker
Param Pratap Centre Back
bayu Striker
Nique Ng Midfield - Centre
gary wijana Midfield - Left
Nik Chan Midfield - Centre
José Edevilson De Oliveira Da Silva Midfield - Right
Iqbal Halim Midfield - Centre
Wandrille Midfield - Centre
Sri Raman Goal Keeper
Ervin Wee Utility Player
Justin Ong Utility Player
Ivan Full Back - Right
Khairul Utility Player
Marican Midfield - Centre
Jack Chee Utility Player
Muhammad Fauzi(Mamad) Goal Keeper
Shane Wu Midfield - Right
Mohamed Fauzi Centre Back
Nickk Midfield - Centre
Christopher Tan Midfield - Left
Zelmi Amran Utility Player
Tomooki Loh Striker
rossli TRAINEE
Mohammad Goal Keeper
Wang Zongyang Goal Keeper
Mohammad ngalias hamzah(along) Striker
Muhammad Haikal Centre Back
sham Striker
Sam Midfield - Centre
Tommy Utility Player
Adam Bin Mohamed Midfield - Centre
Adam Bin Mohamed Midfield - Centre
Mohamad Fadhil Midfield - Centre
Jeff Ong Ee Loong Midfield - Centre
Milan Midfield - Left
Dominic Lim TRAINEE
Muhammad Faris Bin Muhammad Zaki Midfield - Centre
muhammad bin masan Utility Player
muhammad bin masan Utility Player
HAKAKY RUSLY Utility Player
Md Ismail BPMM Utility Player
Mohammed Faizal Bin abdullah Utility Player
I-Zack Utility Player
s.sarathchandran Full Back - Right
Ivan Tan Goal Keeper
massih Striker
Sean Midfield - Left
Sanjay Mondal Striker
Branson Lee Striker
Ng Kwang hui Full Back - Right
Muhammad Haikal Bin Rahmat Centre Back
Valent Midfield - Centre
Benny Chin TRAINEE
Viknesh Striker
JIM LIM Midfield - Right
shahmel mohamed Striker
Iqbal Centre Back
Ashraf Midfield - Centre
Brandon Tan Striker
Basil Tan Full Back - Right
Daniel Midfield - Centre
Allisson Maciel Midfield - Left
Ruuveen Utility Player
Kamran Midfield - Centre
Daniel Midfield - Centre
Mahadir Khan Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Norhafiz Shamadi Utility Player
Basil Tan Full Back - Right
Varian Loke Utility Player
SRI RAMAN Goal Keeper
Tushig Od Utility Player
Adam Midfield - Right
Rudy Utility Player
Jariodinho De Caprinip Striker
Dominique Hayden Ng Midfield - Centre
Chung Wei choy Striker
NicholaS Andrews Midfield - Left
Jae Midfield - Centre
Rohaizad Bin Mahat Striker
Rohaizad Bin Mahat Striker
John Ko Midfield - Right
Mohd herwan Midfield - Left
Archit Ajit Sharma Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Norhafiz Utility Player
Ahmad Rayhan Bin Abdul Razak Striker
Chris wan Full Back - Right
taufik bin aminallah Full Back - Right
syawal Striker
syawal Striker
Mohamed Fauzi Centre Back
Tan Goal Keeper
muhd shahril Full Back - Right
Jay Nair Midfield - Left
Jay Nair Midfield - Left
Azli Mahmud Midfield - Centre
Edward Grandstaff Midfield - Right
Isaac Ang Midfield - Right
Sean Ng Midfield - Centre
Sean Ng Midfield - Centre
Nur Iman Full Back - Right
R.Budiman Midfield - Centre
Ivan Yee Midfield - Centre
Muhd Haikal Centre Back
Mohammad Fairuz Midfield - Right
NUR AFÏQ Striker
Alfas Nazimudeen Midfield - Left
Alfas Nazimudeen Midfield - Left
Sri Raman Goal Keeper
Clement Midfield - Left
Rong Sheng Striker
nabeel Striker
Muhd Zulhilmi Centre Back
Dominic Goal Keeper
Yasser Salim Utility Player
Elijah Midfield - Centre
shafwan bin mokri Full Back - Left
Steve Li Midfield - Left
Andrew Maniar Midfield - Right
Andre Melvin Santoso Utility Player
Hakym Utility Player
Imran Centre Back
muhammed azahar bin abdul rahim Striker
Muhammad Farhan Mahmood Utility Player
Aaron Full Back - Left
Andrew Utility Player
Faridudeen bin abdul aziz Goal Keeper
Helmi mohamed Centre Back
andrew Midfield - Left
Lam Wei Li Utility Player
Hashvinder Singh Goal Keeper
Kamen rider rx Utility Player
Nurhasan Amir Full Back - Left
Parimal Vats Striker
Haikal Zaidi Centre Back
Pranjal Vats Utility Player
Mohamed Fauzi Goal Keeper
Amin Goal Keeper
mohammad rafi Midfield - Left
Muhd ali Goal Keeper
mohammad amin bin amran Striker
Abdillah Karim Striker
minsu Striker
Faridudeen bin abdul aziz Goal Keeper
lawrence tham Full Back - Right
Rocky Goal Keeper
Muhd Syafiq Full Back - Left
Melvyn Mok Midfield - Centre
Muhd Zulhilmi bin Jalil Goal Keeper
Sean Tay Goal Keeper
SW 7 Midfield - Left
Mohd Syaifulazim Striker
Kenneth Teng Midfield - Centre
Stanley Chew Jin-Yong Striker
Zach Midfield - Centre
Lim Zheng Peng Midfield - Left
James Yong Striker
Salihin Striker
Benjamin Lim Striker
ulaganathan subramaniam Utility Player
David Oh Midfield - Centre
Mohammad Khairi Bin Mustafa Midfield - Right
Ron Ong Utility Player
Muhammad Daniel Midfield - Centre
Juhairi Bin Hamim Utility Player
James S L Young Midfield - Centre
Iqb Centre Back
muhd ali @ mahendaran s/o perumal Goal Keeper
Bryan Wan Utility Player
Sopian Hussain Midfield - Centre
Ahmed Midfield - Centre
Kel pickme Vin Full Back - Left
Mark Wong Ji Xian Midfield - Left
Azree Striker
V Vinoth Midfield - Centre
JAIY SANTOSH Midfield - Right
James Young Centre Back
Raymond Yap Utility Player
Gittsakorn Striker
danial shafiq Full Back - Right
Patrick Ng Midfield - Centre
Noor Izzahar Striker
Bart van Brakel Striker
Kelvin Centre Back
myron Midfield - Left
MD SIDEK Striker
Amran Addin Goal Keeper
Patric Roos Striker
mohammad amin Goal Keeper
Jun Qi Utility Player
Aaron Ke Utility Player
Aaron Ke Striker
Mohamad Fadli Striker
Archit Ajit Sharma Striker
Muhammad Raimi Utility Player
Youcef Rkiki Midfield - Right
mohammad azmel b zakaria Goal Keeper
hisam Striker
thanaes Striker
Jeffrey Yip Utility Player
Sean Smyth Midfield - Left
Dito Utility Player
Muhammad Mehkdar Striker
Muhammad Fairuz Zulkifli Midfield - Right
Muhammad Raimi Bin Roslan Midfield - Right
Aidil Sufyan Midfield - Centre
Leslie Boy Full Back - Right
Saiful bahari Striker
naufal bin abdul samat Striker
Saiful bahari Striker
Mohd Shahrun Noor Midfield - Centre
Christian Goal Keeper
Zhuang Yong Midfield - Centre
Achik Midfield - Centre
Mathias Cayet Midfield - Centre
Imran Centre Back
Justin Ong Sheng Jie Utility Player
seyed shahab hosseinian Utility Player
Ryan Striker
Muhammad Syafiq Striker
Jonathan Tan Full Back - Right
Hazwan Suarez Centre Back
Lloyd Lee Midfield - Left
Andrew Midfield - Centre
weng hong Striker
phongsaphak nakkham Centre Back
Lyazizbek Tajibayev Striker
Gautam Butalia Utility Player
Kewal Midfield - Right
Muhammad Fameel Goal Keeper
Patrick Tan Striker
Andy Tan Full Back - Right
Sam Midfield - Right
Ziez Utility Player
Kannan Full Back - Right
Lee Byeong Hoon Striker
Shawn Chow Striker
Muhammad Iqbal Utility Player
Dominic Shum Midfield - Centre
Pramjit Singh Full Back - Right
Billy Young Midfield - Left
Adie Midfield - Left
Najib Striker
Jayakrishen Striker
Herin Midfield - Left
Vernon Utility Player
Shah Utility Player
Michael Heaney Utility Player
Mahendaran S/o Perumal @ Muhammad Ali Goal Keeper
Md Syaifulazim Striker
Loyz Goal Keeper
Carrick ho kah seng Striker
Mohammed Asri Goal Keeper
Fadli Striker
Jabriel AlSuhaimi Striker
Nasir Utility Player
Gary Midfield - Centre
Jaisharn Midfield - Right
JayJay Midfield - Left
shaun Utility Player
Saunders Teo Utility Player
azli mahmud Midfield - Centre
Pramjit Singh Full Back - Right
Fareez Zulkifli Full Back - Left
William Morong Full Back - Left
Faris Utility Player
A D'Souza Midfield - Left
Sean Tan Striker
Khairul Afiq Bin Apandi Midfield - Centre
Kevin Full Back - Left
Muhammad Utility Player
stephan ribouleau Goal Keeper
Darul Mais Striker
bluemoon TRAINEE
Kelly Utility Player
Desley Han Midfield - Centre
Lim Siang Lung TRAINEE
James Law Midfield - Centre
Indra Putra Goal Keeper
John Crossley Centre Back
Louis Chew Yijie Full Back - Right
Ady shah Centre Back
Thawzin Midfield - Right
Zuhaili Samsuri Goal Keeper
Zander Teo Full Back - Left
Julian Lim Midfield - Left
Ian Striker
sophian Utility Player
Jayaprasad C P Full Back - Right
James Ong Midfield - Centre
Dinoop D Full Back - Right
muhammad zulhilmi bin fandy Striker
Farhan Utility Player
Terry Tan Striker
Muhd Hissamudin Midfield - Left
Muhammad Afandi TRAINEE
andy choo Midfield - Centre
sarwan bin sahar Striker
sarwan bin sahar Full Back - Right
Prakash Kumar S/O Dollah Utility Player
muhd shahid Centre Back
Syed Yazid Midfield - Right
Indra Putra Goal Keeper
caleb matei Midfield - Right
Nik Chahal Goal Keeper
Khai Midfield - Centre
Long Hoang Nguyen Utility Player
Zainul Ariff (zain) Goal Keeper
Dominic Goh Goal Keeper
mohd herman bin mohd junaidi Goal Keeper
Muhd Azmi Bin Abdul Aziz Midfield - Centre
mohd herwan bin mohd junaidi Midfield - Centre
Indra Putra Full Back - Right
PREM Midfield - Left
Prasoon Striker
Derek D Midfield - Right
Ian Utility Player
Helmi Midfield - Centre
hossein Midfield - Centre
Tim Wilson Utility Player
Patrick tan Midfield - Left
M Farihin Midfield - Left
Rizman Midfield - Centre
Karthik Utility Player
christopher neoh Utility Player
Fadli Leong Midfield - Centre
Abdul Muhaimin Utility Player
JP Utility Player
Poh Huai Ching Midfield - Right
jason Utility Player
kariim Midfield - Right
Tey Inn Kuang Striker
Mohamed Hisam Striker
Taffazani Full Back - Right
Ken "Kentona" Chua Utility Player
Sachin Gopinath Striker
Steven Bock Midfield - Centre
Jani Ghaffor Midfield - Right
Bernadus Carlo Striker
Davin Khoo Striker
Daniel Valles Midfield - Right
Muhd Fahmi Midfield - Centre
Vincent Wong TRAINEE
Lyaziz Striker
Eddy Rahman Centre Back
kang Centre Back
Revon Ke Utility Player
Sandy Palmer Centre Back
Sam Karthik Utility Player
sarwan bin sahar Striker
KamalRaj Utility Player
Sri Raman Goal Keeper
Loh Kok Chai Midfield - Left
Davin Khoo Midfield - Centre
saufi yunos Midfield - Centre
Lim Teng Zheng Midfield - Centre
muhammad zuhdi Midfield - Centre
Brandon Sng Striker
Greg Parker Midfield - Right
mohammad elfyan naufal bin ahmad zuhri Striker
Faiz Haikal Midfield - Left
Edwin Goh Midfield - Centre
Robby Kurniawan Midfield - Left
D SIMON PAUL Goal Keeper
vikneswaran Striker
bernadus carlo Midfield - Right
maryadi Full Back - Right
Eric Noveanto Striker
Muhammad Rasyiid Midfield - Left
Eric Noveanto Striker
yopi supriyanto Midfield - Centre
Yasser M.Salim Midfield - Right
Mohd Yazid Goal Keeper
Lee Ming Shu Midfield - Right
ahmadi bin ahmad Midfield - Left
Yus Centre Back
Justin L. Striker
Azarel Utility Player
Milan Rai Striker
Melvin Ng Striker
Vinid Kumar TRAINEE
Matthew Nyam Midfield - Centre
Lyazizbek Tajibayev Midfield - Centre
Anthony Gottron Striker
Ryan Mok Striker
Gerald De Silva Midfield - Centre
Hakym Rahmat Utility Player
Daniel Howorth Utility Player
Muhammad Firdaus Midfield - Centre
Mohamed Fauzi Centre Back
Mohamed Fauzi Centre Back
Pete Tan. Midfield - Centre
richie stewart Utility Player
Josh Pereira Midfield - Right
irwan bin isnin Full Back - Left
Gerald Teoh Chia Wei Striker
Muhammad Nur Utility Player
Ryan Midfield - Left
Christianto Renata Centre Back
sivaneswaran Midfield - Right
Gerald Teoh Striker
Kevin Wun Jing Yuen Utility Player
R.Haresh Kanna Midfield - Right
Muhd Nur Hidayat Abdul Ghani Goal Keeper
Mohamed Fauzi Centre Back
Edwin Chian Kia Jiau Midfield - Centre
Steven Mak Zhi Xiong Midfield - Right
Peh Chun Hoe Midfield - Centre
sunilprashanth Striker
Leslie Chua Midfield - Centre
Sri raman Goal Keeper
Santosh Kumar Midfield - Centre
Aziz Bakri Utility Player
Aziz Bakri Utility Player
Joshua Tham Centre Back
Kenneth Ng Full Back - Left
Jonathan Cheah Midfield - Centre
Mohammed Hidayat Striker
Philip Choon Goal Keeper
Md Djaly Ramadan Full Back - Right
Sim Sze Wei Utility Player
Shahnizam Hamid Midfield - Centre
Mark Kareem Midfield - Left
Vernonnais Midfield - Right
Syahirul Elias Midfield - Left
Dennis Dipasupil Midfield - Left
Mohammed Izhar Goal Keeper
Yaz Yudistira Midfield - Right
Daryl Eng Jun Jie Midfield - Centre
akmal rabbani Striker
Darrif bin Danial Striker
muhd samir Striker
Ryan Gipsoong Full Back - Right
Nathanael teo Midfield - Right
Hashim Jaffer Midfield - Centre
Jeconiah Santiago Midfield - Right
ismail Midfield - Centre
M.IRWAN Goal Keeper
Adit Kurnaen Midfield - Centre
Antoine Midfield - Centre
Guanting Striker
Mohd bazlee Utility Player
Edmund Wong Midfield - Centre
Yasser M.Salim Midfield - Right
Mohammed Nur Hakim Midfield - Right
Muhammad Khamis Centre Back
Lee wei jie Full Back - Left
Lahm Striker
Gideon Wan Midfield - Right
Gavin Striker
adi Goal Keeper
Nur Rilham Bin Azman Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Firdaus Bagio Bin Kasil Midfield - Centre
shah Centre Back
SHINOY Striker
Muhd Ridwan Striker
Emile Utility Player
Yasser M.Salim Midfield - Right
Chen Jianwei Striker
Foong Wei Hao Midfield - Centre
Praba Striker
SK Tham Midfield - Centre
Mohammad Rizzwan @ AhWan Utility Player
Elliot Bakker Midfield - Left
Joseph Tan Yam Hua Striker
Rehan Midfield - Centre
Khor Swee Kheng Utility Player
Muhd Ashraff Full Back - Right
mohd ibrahim Striker
Alex Tan Striker
Muhd Ashraff Midfield - Left
Mohamed Fauzi Centre Back
Edmund Chan Utility Player
Zaini Goal Keeper
Mohammed zelmi bin amran Midfield - Left
Shane Centre Back
Prasoon babu modathi Striker
Muhd Shaqif Utility Player
Josh Goal Keeper
Cai Gengyang TRAINEE
Raemond Teo Midfield - Centre
Raja Mohd yusuf Striker
Zuhaili Full Back - Left
Jeremy Striker
lawrence Full Back - Right
Farhan Full Back - Left
sheyd abdul salim Midfield - Right
AdiFa Goal Keeper
Png Rui Jin Midfield - Left
Foo Wai Utility Player
Daniel Setiawan TRAINEE
Daniel Setiawan Midfield - Centre
Jeinerd Jimmy Full Back - Right
Rizq Midfield - Left
Chen Kwei Keong (KK) Striker
mohd faros Midfield - Centre
mohd faros Midfield - Centre
Min Midfield - Centre
Alex Striker
koh pei qi TRAINEE
koh pei jie Midfield - Centre
Ian Kwek Midfield - Right
Reza Rifaldi Midfield - Right
adi Goal Keeper
Patrick Tan Midfield - Left
udin Full Back - Left
Mohamed yusof Goal Keeper
Asyari aka Ash Goal Keeper
Rohaizad Utility Player
Goh Darron Utility Player
Muhammad Rafiq Utility Player
Edric Midfield - Centre
Imran Mohd Sulhan Goal Keeper
TONG FOO CHEONG Utility Player
muhd jumari Striker
muhd jumari Striker
Naziely Fahmie Othman Midfield - Left
Andrew Amrish Maniar Midfield - Right
Tong Foo Cheong Full Back - Right
Tung Kang Wei Ryan Centre Back
Fazell Muhd Midfield - Left
Lyazizbek Tajibayev Striker
Muhd Hadiz Utility Player
herve guillotel Striker
Ignatius Ang Striker
Gerald Teoh Chia Wei Striker
Tony Ong Full Back - Right
Simon W Utility Player
Djeffrey Jaffar Midfield - Centre
Hamirul Aizad Goal Keeper
Glenn Powell Centre Back
Ibni Mohamad Goal Keeper
Darren Midfield - Right
Fernando orozco Goal Keeper
Ian Ong Striker
Muhammad Rizduan Khan Bin Janni Striker
Gerald Teoh Chia Wei Striker
Raynald Zhang Full Back - Right
WEIJIE Midfield - Centre
Lerence Tan Centre Back
Vikash Banwarie Midfield - Left
AdiFa Mohd. Goal Keeper
man Full Back - Right
toni kroos Goal Keeper
m.irwan Goal Keeper
Vernon Utility Player
Aaron Ke Utility Player
Muhammed Aikel Centre Back
Azman Full Back - Right
Mardini B Jeman Midfield - Right
Bobby Koh Full Back - Right
Satriyo Bin Samsi Utility Player
Rob Striker
Mohamad Haniffa Bin Mohd Goal Keeper
herve guillotel Utility Player
rey neo Utility Player
Md Heimi Utility Player
john Midfield - Centre
Sharin Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Adam Jazzlan Bin Abdullah Full Back - Right
min aung Midfield - Centre
Melvin Lim Midfield - Right
Greg Full Back - Right
Kamal ( Dani ) Utility Player
Muhammad Naqiuddin Striker
Lance Yap Wei Ren Midfield - Centre
francis neo Midfield - Left
Luqman Bin Nasser Utility Player
wawan santos di maria Striker
Iman Midfield - Centre
Joshua Yesh Maniar Striker
Lance Yap Wei Ren Midfield - Centre
Mohd Afiq Bin Samsuri Striker
Allan Goal Keeper
Marcus Leow Midfield - Centre
Lionel Tiong Striker
Chua Jia Lun Goal Keeper
junior loufimpou Full Back - Left
Tolga Sezer Centre Back
Fatih Koksal Striker
Vernon Utility Player
Jeffrey Yu Striker
JG Centre Back
Tan Zhi Wei Striker
Jean-Francois Thery Utility Player
Suhaimi B Kamil Goal Keeper
Zaghini Midfield - Right
Jun LIang Striker
faiz rashib Striker
faiz rashib Striker
faiz rashib Striker
faiz rashib Striker
Zh Striker
Muhammad Issuffian Sapri Midfield - Left
Benaiah Lim Goal Keeper
Jerome Lee Striker
muhamad rusydi Midfield - Right
Jonathan Midfield - Left
min Midfield - Right
Julian Lim Striker
Darul Mais Striker
dhani mohd Midfield - Centre
jeffrey Foo Midfield - Right
min Midfield - Centre
aung minn thu(Min) Midfield - Right
Bobby Koh Full Back - Right
Aguero Centre Back
Jason Lee Midfield - Centre
Muhd Hafiizh Striker
Leong Foo Wai Utility Player
Rammy Santai Striker
AGUS RAQIB Midfield - Right
Muhsin Muttaqin Striker
Lee Hexi Goal Keeper
Mihir Shah Centre Back
Muhd Huzaiffa Utility Player
kenny sim Utility Player
luultim Full Back - Right
Muhammad Azlan Bin Adnan Centre Back
Aleksandr Striker
Benaiah Lim Goal Keeper
Vinay Midfield - Centre
Assad Farooqui Midfield - Left
militaru daniel Full Back - Right
Ng Zu Yang Utility Player
ibn alfaruq bin zudirman Midfield - Centre
Aaron Hong Goal Keeper
harvinder Centre Back
Huang Hong Jin TRAINEE
SanjayPraba Striker
hambran Midfield - Right
azlan Goal Keeper
Jun Wei Midfield - Centre
Mohd Kamal ( Dani ) Utility Player
ryan Midfield - Left
bob amarnani Full Back - Right
Jason Midfield - Right
Muhammad Amran Bin Addin Goal Keeper
Vernon Zaghini Midfield - Left
rd rahman Utility Player
Eugene george Full Back - Left
Md Fairus Midfield - Right
Vaibhav Shah Striker
Eduardo Alves Winter Midfield - Right
Aashesh Mehrotra Centre Back
Mohd Khairul Midfield - Centre
Mizan Midfield - Right
MARAN Utility Player
Mohammed Imran Midfield - Centre
Raja Muda Daud Midfield - Centre
Patrick Ang Striker
Mohamad Haniffa bin Mohd. Goal Keeper
santhosh Goal Keeper
Brian Neo Utility Player
Shaik Abdul Ra'uf Striker
Yeow Wei-dur Utility Player
Ezra Adhitya Goal Keeper
Patrick Tan Midfield - Left
Muhammad Rizduan Striker
le toan khanh Centre Back
Muhd Heiry Bin Abdul Rahman Goal Keeper
Barry Fitzpatrick Full Back - Right
sheyd abdul salim bin othman Midfield - Right
Jordan Full Back - Left
Dae Whan Kim Full Back - Right
Wei Midfield - Centre
zaran Midfield - Centre
nooruddeen Utility Player
Salihin Striker
Firdaus Striker
adam kassim Full Back - Left
Nicholas Lee Full Back - Left
Muhammad Anuar Bin Abdul Aziz Striker
Muhd Noor Asyari Bin Nazaruddin Striker
Kenny Goal Keeper
James Tan Midfield - Left
Shaik Abdul Rauf Utility Player
Ron Situ Midfield - Left
Firdaus Rafi Striker
Muhd Syafiq Striker
Adelric Teo Full Back - Right
Nikola Bogdanovic Striker
James Midfield - Centre
Ryan Midfield - Left
Julian Lim Midfield - Left
Mohd Shaiful Utility Player
Mohamed Fauzi Centre Back
Muhammad Alhasyir Goal Keeper
Juno Midfield - Centre
Melvyn Goal Keeper
emirates Goal Keeper
muhd muzzammil Striker
Aliff Noor Hakim Midfield - Centre
Ismarian Shahidy Centre Back
Michael Lau Midfield - Centre
Edric Full Back - Right
Guejdi Midfield - Centre
Lee Ming Shu TRAINEE
Ruzaini Yazid Midfield - Centre
Ronald Utility Player
Zuhailee Samsuri(Lee) Centre Back
Edmund Utility Player
Muhammad Zulhilmi Sutris Midfield - Left
Roy Utility Player
Yasser Shafiq Meer Striker
Muhammad Salihin Isa Centre Back
Mohamad Zairee Bin Zainalabidin Midfield - Right
Zainul Midfield - Centre
Nurl Asyraffie Striker
Alvin Zeng Striker
Shun Lai Full Back - Right
Rosli Bin Husnen TRAINEE
Andy Tay Full Back - Right
Balasubrmanian Kannan Midfield - Right
Vineet Pulikottil Centre Back
Daniel Tan Midfield - Centre
Mohd Solihin Utility Player
BEN Striker
Cheng Chun Yu TRAINEE
Indra Azriely Striker
Suryanto bin Padiley Utility Player
Lam Wei Li Utility Player
Mohammad Zainudin Bin Zainal Goal Keeper
Praveen Kallam Utility Player
Sidi Canales Striker
Ridzuan Idris Full Back - Right
Nas29.. Midfield - Centre
Mohamed Fairuz Mohamed Utility Player
Tay Zelong Midfield - Right
Rosli ab latif Goal Keeper
jagjeet singh sidhu Full Back - Right
Sean Desborough Utility Player
Pravin s/o Tamilsilvam Midfield - Right
Kaths/ Sara Utility Player
Daniel tan Midfield - Centre
HAFIZ JUMATZZ Midfield - Centre
Chen Zhen YAo Midfield - Centre
Yusoff Wahid Midfield - Centre
Ng Boon Hian Utility Player
SHEARER Utility Player
Rohaizad Mahat Striker
Rahman Jasmiann Midfield - Left
Perry Koh Utility Player
Ricky Teo Midfield - Centre
MARAN Utility Player
Wei Wen Midfield - Centre
boghean daniel Striker
Ron Lim Utility Player
mohammed amin Goal Keeper
John Aitken Full Back - Right
Collin Striker
Hairul Nizam Goal Keeper
Calvinder Singh Striker
Kelvito Striker
Syadat Striker
Daniel SL Full Back - Right
Irwan Centre Back
Michael Midfield - Left
Timothy Savet Midfield - Centre
Masnawi Mohd Centre Back
Muhammad Fadli Bin Shafi'ee Centre Back
hafiz Striker
JayJay Midfield - Right
Yasser Striker
Nima Jalali Full Back - Right
Ken Chua (Kentona) updated Utility Player
Muhammad Shafiq Bin Amran Striker
Dennis Midfield - Centre
Jonathan Tan Yong Soon Utility Player
Muhd Hasnul Midfield - Right
Eddie Utility Player
Alex Talbot Utility Player
Edric Lian Full Back - Right
Radin Salihul Imran Full Back - Right
RAJEEV Full Back - Right
sham Utility Player
Roslan Junid Midfield - Centre
Andre Midfield - Centre
rashdan Midfield - Right
Muhamad Syafiq Yazmin Centre Back
Hang Hao Chuien Utility Player
Pa Utility Player
Axel Tan Utility Player
rahman Midfield - Left
Remi Utility Player
muhd shafiq bin hamzah Midfield - Right
Farid Mohsen Harharah Full Back - Right
Mohamad Goal Keeper
Muhammad Asad Hyder Midfield - Centre
ted Utility Player
Muhammad Azhar TRAINEE
Syafiq Utility Player
Gautam Butalia Midfield - Centre
SanjayPraba Striker
Bryan Goal Keeper
jotos Goal Keeper
Hanafi Midfield - Left
Muhammad Hanafi Midfield - Left
Arvind Midfield - Right
Ermie Midfield - Centre
Mohd Hamiludin Bin Jamaludin Midfield - Right
Mohamed Suhermie Midfield - Centre
Danish Aguero Striker
Sajiv P Midfield - Centre
mohamed fadli bin mohamed razak Striker
Vinay Midfield - Centre
tinesh anand s/o manohar Striker
Kwa Yao Zhong Striker
Aaron Tan Midfield - Centre
Muhd Hazwan Midfield - Left
Muhd Azlan Goal Keeper
loyz Goal Keeper
Muhammad Husaini Bin Iskandar Midfield - Centre
shamsudin Striker
Nur Hidayat Striker
Elfie Abali Midfield - Left
Daniel Striker
Dique Midfield - Centre
Mohamad Fadhil Striker
Ta Mne Poh Centre Back
Tay Chun Yuan Charlson Utility Player
Ramadan Sha Centre Back
Muhd Danial Goal Keeper
John Aitken Full Back - Right
Aaron Utility Player
rezza salim Goal Keeper
Luqman Bin Nasser Midfield - Centre
Roy Tan Goal Keeper
Ian Kwek Midfield - Centre
Dennis Lim Midfield - Centre
mohd khairul b abdul salam Striker
Imran Hussain Shah Utility Player
Mr Deng Goal Keeper
raVINDER kang Striker
simren Centre Back
Lance Goal Keeper
jeremy tan Striker
mohan raj Striker
Baxter Tan Utility Player
TON Utility Player
Muhammad Hilfi Bin Haris Striker
Damien Yeo TRAINEE
Muhd Nabil Mustaqim Striker
David Midfield - Left
Oliver Pennel Utility Player
Declan Woods Midfield - Centre
mohd amin Midfield - Left
Faiz Aj Centre Back
Joel Ng Midfield - Centre
Richard Webster Midfield - Left
Yang Midfield - Centre
Yusoff Striker
Muhammad Syamsul B Ramli Full Back - Right
Hiro Taguchi Utility Player
bashu dev shingh nagarkoti Midfield - Right
Pablo Romero Full Back - Right
Mohamad Haniffa Goal Keeper
Tay Kai Wen Utility Player
Giacomo Marabiso Goal Keeper
Qamarul Arifin Utility Player
Rhodri Griffiths Utility Player
Indra Azriely B Jaini Striker
Sean McKenna Striker
Kerim Oner Midfield - Left
Liam Midfield - Centre
Abdul Sarhan Striker
Brandon Yip Full Back - Right
Muhammad Faiezad Utility Player
MARAN Midfield - Centre
Simson Sim Striker
Reymond Adnan Ibrahim Midfield - Left
Terry-Thomas Overton (Macheda) Striker
Elvin Redondo Midfield - Left
md sani Utility Player
taufik abdullah Striker
william wong Utility Player
Olivier VEDOVATO Goal Keeper
Ard Rossali Midfield - Centre
Mohamad Hafidz Full Back - Right
lim xiang Full Back - Left
dina Striker
Matteo Midfield - Centre
Yasser M.Salim Midfield - Centre
Weijie Striker
Nazrull Jazreel Utility Player
MinSu Goal Keeper
daniel Midfield - Centre
leigh Utility Player
Muhammad Adie Goal Keeper
Eugene Yap Wen Chang Striker
Remy Ahmad Utility Player
Ryan Utility Player
Mikhel Patel Midfield - Centre
HAFRIZ Midfield - Centre
meng Full Back - Right
Alvin Goh Striker
Alvin Goh Striker
Victor W. Olabiyi Striker
Alan Tan Lian Tuck Full Back - Left
Leong Wing Yong Midfield - Centre
R Baker Goal Keeper
Muhammad Hamizaie (Aie) Goal Keeper
Alexandre Veran Centre Back
Beh Cheng Lock Midfield - Right
Wellson Utility Player
Nick Chahal Goal Keeper
Ben Striker
Chua Jia Lun Goal Keeper
melvin Midfield - Centre
Samir Striker
Jamez Young Centre Back
fajry mp Utility Player
Calvin Midfield - Right
Tang T H Utility Player
sham Goal Keeper
Mohd Firdhaus Striker
IJAT Utility Player
Wei Utility Player
Nick Ledenmark Midfield - Left
Ariffin Iskandar Sha Bin Ali Akbar Utility Player
boi Striker
fahmi bin said Centre Back
Aaron Chow TRAINEE
sharul nizam Goal Keeper
mohd fernando TRAINEE
hambran Centre Back
Fakhrur Khairi B Mohd Isa Striker
Ming Zhan Striker
Milan Midfield - Left
Brian Conwell Full Back - Right
kleiser Goal Keeper
Jeremy Goal Keeper
irdaus humaiza Utility Player
Ameet Budhrani Full Back - Right
Saravana Utility Player
wilson Centre Back
Andrew Koh Utility Player
Sheikh Haziq Utility Player
Tan Wen Qing (ALEX) Full Back - Right
Eric Meyer Striker
Muhammad Striker
Viswa Utility Player
Mel Goal Keeper
Eugene Tan Striker
Leigh Utility Player
Budi Alfian Striker
Ken Yeoh Utility Player
Choo Wen Tang TRAINEE
Nick Midfield - Centre
Junaidi Goal Keeper
roi Midfield - Right
Sumakmur Wellson Utility Player
Muhd Djaly Midfield - Left
Halim Utility Player
Pornthep Chaysin Utility Player
Mohamed Nooh Striker
jaiy santosh Midfield - Centre
Lee XinSen Striker
Miran Ng Centre Back
Tan Wen Qing (Alex) Striker
Kevin Midfield - Centre
Ky Midfield - Right
Terry-Thomas Overton Utility Player
Syeth SHahil Utility Player
Bernard Li Midfield - Right
Philip Wee Midfield - Right
Ismadi Centre Back
Muhammad Ridhwan Striker
muhammad hanaffi bin abdul razak Utility Player
Sharudin Utility Player
Michael Yip Pak Kiu Midfield - Centre
Adley Midfield - Left
raymond koh Striker
Henji Tan Midfield - Centre
daniel wee Midfield - Left
"Kai" Karthik TRAINEE
Tan Yee Len Full Back - Right
mohamad faros Midfield - Centre
Vikas Utility Player
vikrant Midfield - Centre
Johari Mohamad Noor Midfield - Centre
Leandro Leal dos Santos Centre Back
Burton R. Black Centre Back
Daniel Accaputo Full Back - Right
Barun Striker
Momo Utility Player
Quah Kim Song Striker
Johann Bin Salleh Utility Player
Atan Striker
Richard Koh Centre Back
Balach Hussain Utility Player
Anand Raju Midfield - Right
YUNANA R. YOHANNA Utility Player
Collin Chew Utility Player
Md Kyle Rudayne Striker
Peter ching Midfield - Centre
Fad Utility Player
ZAKI Centre Back
Maulid Bin Riduan Striker
Moha Hamiluddin Bin Jamaluddin Striker
Muhammad Sadiq Bin Shaik Hussain Centre Back
Muhd Irman Bin Sani Striker
Sher Iqbal Midfield - Right
Irwan Amer Centre Back
Ernest Peh Striker
Shaun Goh Midfield - Left
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Mohd Salleh Striker
Aizad Full Back - Right
Ewan Lim Goal Keeper
Jefffrey Midfield - Centre
Ronald Striker
Theo Splinter Centre Back
Edric Midfield - Left
Ama Bhuller Striker
Paing Striker
ryan heng Utility Player
Fairuz Zulkifli Full Back - Right
Fernando R TRAINEE
Dani Utility Player
ilyas ariffin Goal Keeper
suhaimi Full Back - Right
JR Zoleta Full Back - Right
Raymond Pereira Utility Player
danial Full Back - Right
Dennis Goh Jiong Yu Full Back - Left
Muhammad aizat Centre Back
Ezra Tadeo Adhitya Utility Player
Muhammad Safiuddin Goal Keeper
ahmad fahiq Goal Keeper
shaifuddin Bin Hamid Utility Player
Reza Striker
mohammad ngalias(along) Striker
Mohamed Zakiran Utility Player
Terence De Souza Midfield - Centre
Jun de Happy Midfield - Centre
Sean Tan Striker
Simon Striker
James Utility Player
Han Utility Player
Williams Ferdinand Midfield - Left
suresh Centre Back
sheik Mohamed TRAINEE
Mohamed Arif Bin Mohamed Rani Utility Player
Narenthiren Full Back - Right
Fan Zongdeng Striker
Clayton Don Corda Centre Back
Phua Jun Yong Striker
Muhammad Farid B. Mohd Hassan Centre Back
Chris Smith Full Back - Left
Darren Hutchinson-Hill Goal Keeper
Mohammed Zaki TRAINEE
Muhammed Aikel Centre Back
mohd fairus bin abdul hamid Midfield - Left
Kim Siong Midfield - Centre
Muhd Sharul Bin Omar Midfield - Right
Abdul Munaf Bin Mohd Zubair Goal Keeper
Jason Lim Goal Keeper
Lio Striker
takin Utility Player
Christopher Midfield - Right
charles wong Midfield - Left
MD.Mumeen Shah Utility Player
Mohamed Daud Midfield - Left
Mohamed Fauzi Centre Back
Muhammad Falil Bin Feroz Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Hydher Bin Rahman Striker
Muhammad Fameel Goal Keeper
Akbarjonn Goal Keeper
Manlid Striker
zack Full Back - Right
Ishak Full Back - Right
Shahray Midfield - Centre
raj Striker
Mohammad Yus Ismail Utility Player
Nallu Dhinakharan Goal Keeper
Pang Jian Jie Striker
Patrick Ang Centre Back
oscar olatunde Utility Player
Jason Tay Striker
benjamin kho TRAINEE
alf Utility Player
Hisham Full Back - Left
Andrew A. M. Midfield - Right
Khor Hock Chin Striker
Lukman Hakim Midfield - Centre
Bazil Irfan Goal Keeper
Muhammad Ikhmal Midfield - Right
Ryan soh Midfield - Centre
kana Centre Back
Elfie Abali Striker
Glenn Fayers Midfield - Centre
sunny Midfield - Right
tan Goal Keeper
Muhd Darus Bin Mat Disa Full Back - Left
Abdul khidir Bin Abdul Rahim Utility Player
Hazizul Hakim Full Back - Left
David Tan Striker
Faizal Ah_Pai Midfield - Centre
Rafael Nascimento Costas Striker
Joshua Gan Full Back - Right
sufian Midfield - Centre
Andy Midfield - Right
Herman Pardan Striker
Kane Ian Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Tarmizi Full Back - Left
Puneet Mulchandani Midfield - Right
Mien Utility Player
Dan Tan Utility Player
Dan Full Back - Right
quadri gafar Striker
mamat Striker
yongjie Midfield - Left
Perry Utility Player
Muhammad Hissammudin Bin Johari Full Back - Left
Thomaas Utility Player
Long Jek Chieh Striker
Michael Dali Striker
Mohamed Goal Keeper
Sahfihi Bin Ali Wafar Full Back - Right
Wolmen Full Back - Right
boboi khalid Striker
Dan Midfield - Centre
nick rozaili Goal Keeper
Khaidzir Utility Player
Joey Tee Yew Yik Utility Player
Muhammad Arif Bin Mohamad Sa'at Striker
Maulid Bin Riduan TRAINEE
Mansur Hussain Striker
Muhammad Nor Syahiran Centre Back
Fahmi Sazali Midfield - Left
mohamed.Helmy B Mohamed.Haroon Full Back - Left
Benjamin Neo Striker
Darryl Utility Player
jaya prakash Centre Back
aizat Centre Back
Calvinder Singh Goal Keeper
Blaz Vozelj Striker
mohammad qhanasry bin hassan Striker
quadri gafar Midfield - Centre
Shaun Midfield - Right
Md Farhan Bin Nordin Midfield - Right
HAFRIZ Midfield - Centre
Adrian Teh Utility Player
Hapni Midfield - Left
Helmi J Utility Player
Iskandar Shah Goal Keeper
CARLOS Utility Player
Rueben Anthony Midfield - Left
Muhammad Hilfi Bin Haris Striker
Hairil Striker
Bobby Elfian Centre Back
Prabakaran TRAINEE
Ihsan Midfield - Right
Xiao Yu Midfield - Centre
Yang Guofeng Midfield - Centre
m.ridzman Centre Back
Rob Scott Midfield - Right
kelvin Goal Keeper
Timothy ho Striker
Steve Lawler Midfield - Right
Roshaizan Bin Jufri Striker
Fadell Baharuddin Midfield - Right
Sham Utility Player
Roberto Sanabria Midfield - Centre
Gary Utility Player
Reza Edsman TRAINEE
Halim Wahab Utility Player
Mphammad Asyraf Bin Zainal Midfield - Right
Mohammad Fariz Bin Mohammad Goal Keeper
Brandon Lee Utility Player
Kamel Soliman Khalil Striker
Wei Full Back - Right
Jin Striker
Lim Weixian Utility Player
Brian wahjudi sastra TRAINEE
Mohammad Abdillah Bin Mohamad Maliki Full Back - Right
Chong Jia Jin Kelsen TRAINEE
Muhammad Zain Midfield - Right
shaun seet Goal Keeper
Fabian Teo Utility Player
Melvin Lim Midfield - Right
aminur rashid Midfield - Left
Dzulfikar B Osman Midfield - Right
Dani Utility Player
Ridhwan Zainal Striker
Fadhzuli Utility Player
khairul hafiz Utility Player
Michael Patrick Sung Goal Keeper
Muhd Aliif Bin sumardi TRAINEE
liu feng rong Full Back - Right
Alex Wong Full Back - Right
Andyn Striker
Shree Vishnu Full Back - Right
Fahmi Midfield - Right
muhammad dhiya rassiddie Striker
Syafiee Salleh Midfield - Left
Muhd Fathin Utility Player
Dennis Long Chun Hao Midfield - Centre
Idzalie Utility Player
Dominic Teng Striker
ninety9 Striker
Jacky Striker
tan chong Centre Back
Scott Colebourn Utility Player
Peter Lye Utility Player
muhd khairi bin sepian Utility Player
jere snyder Utility Player
Christopher Oh Utility Player
Akira Nomura TRAINEE
daniel chan Midfield - Left
Christopher kiew Utility Player
Dom Hennessy Midfield - Centre
Shamsudin Bin Samion Striker
Noel Striker
Zain Kazmi Striker
Alvin Kang Wen Tat Centre Back
Luo Yu Kai Utility Player
Andre Tunggawinata Striker
Mohamed Shariff Bin Mohamed Haniffa Goal Keeper
Badrun Bin Zulkafri Striker
Lin hongqing Midfield - Centre
Edmund Koa Midfield - Centre
Soh Jun Liang Utility Player
Ray Lim Striker
Dzul'Azizan Striker
Tan JiaHao Goal Keeper
Aarone Utility Player
Issac Striker
Ben Striker
Yeo Jiandi Goal Keeper
hairi Striker
ahmad Utility Player
fadli Utility Player
Reymond Adnan Ibrahim Midfield - Centre
Ang Shao Jie Utility Player
Anderson Da Silva Striker
mohamed Riduwan Bin Mohamed Asri Midfield - Right
James Wee Striker
Mahathir S. Goal Keeper
Amos Wen Utility Player
Zulhusni Utility Player
Poh Wen Jie Full Back - Right
Mark Utility Player
Nick loi Striker
jeremy seng Centre Back
muhammad khairil amali Centre Back
Yusuf Midfield - Centre
Ambrose Tan Shunji Midfield - Left
Saiyed Noor Centre Back
E G Midfield - Left
luke w Full Back - Right
Syed Mohd Hasri bin Syed Omar Full Back - Right
David Toh Midfield - Left
Kelvin Striker
muhammad alhasyir bin zakaria Goal Keeper
Mohammed Asri Goal Keeper
Muhd danial Tan Midfield - Left
David Chen Goal Keeper
Muhammad raymond bin mohd rizal Midfield - Centre
mohammed zelmi bin amran Midfield - Left
Kelvin Utility Player
Rickie Reshvin Singh Utility Player
dianto Centre Back
arifin aziz eric Utility Player
Jansher Khan Centre Back
Dennis Phyo Striker
Dawood Anuar Midfield - Left
Govin Kumar Midfield - Centre
guo Midfield - Left
Tan Beng Siang Centre Back
Rashidi Full Back - Left
Sasikumar Mariyappan Goal Keeper
GEROME Striker
Chriz C Utility Player
Jun Utility Player
Ron Striker
Hijazi Midfield - Centre
Francis Striker
Yusof Hassim Centre Back
Chen YaoFeng Benny Striker
Shah Rizal B Mohd Zin Centre Back
Cephas Francis Midfield - Centre
Md Azlan B. Adnan Centre Back
Aaron Sim Goal Keeper
Fang Renjie Full Back - Left
sean green Goal Keeper
Junaidi Utility Player
Muhd Ezrielshah Rahmat Midfield - Right
Johari Sa'ad Utility Player
aminur Centre Back
Tom Smith Full Back - Left
amirul b hamid Striker
Vikrant Dhadwal Midfield - Left
Awad Salim Ramli Centre Back
Muhd Firdaus Bin Nasir Midfield - Right
Jeyakumar J Utility Player
Muhammad Nur Aidil Bin Ramlan Goal Keeper
Desley Han Utility Player
william wong siong hoe Utility Player
Ah Jun Utility Player
IZHAN Striker
ASRUL Utility Player
SHEARERDEAN Utility Player
Dezmond K Goal Keeper
masrezal bin mashuri Striker
marwazie ahmad Utility Player
Muhammad Taha Centre Back
Hasmin Bin Mohd Kashim Utility Player
Ang Zhiwei Striker
Chiang Cho Han Midfield - Left
Ronald Utility Player
Ramesh peter Midfield - Centre
Abhishek Singh TRAINEE
IAN Goal Keeper
Fadil Midfield - Centre
Ahmad Centre Back
Bernard Utility Player
Muhammad Reyes Vijay Midfield - Right
Kenneth Yip Centre Back
Khairul Ridzuan Full Back - Right
Hameed Centre Back
Shahul Hameed TRAINEE
Scott chiang TRAINEE
didy Striker
Eric Striker
Sam Striker
mahathir mohamed Full Back - Right
Elvin T. Midfield - Left
Jeremy Tan Goal Keeper
Jeff Lim Midfield - Centre
Melvyn Mok Midfield - Centre
mohd ashik Utility Player
Collin Striker
Yusman Bin Yusof Full Back - Left
ashik Utility Player
fazil ahmed Midfield - Centre
Md Al Kalid Striker
Alex Goh Full Back - Right
Bernard Midfield - Left
Sky Chan Midfield - Centre
jasman shah Goal Keeper
Nick Chen Goal Keeper
Azmi Full Back - Right
Alex Utility Player
Darrell Lim Midfield - Centre
Koh Wei Jie Midfield - Right
Rizal Midfield - Centre
Chiraag Bhadana Striker
Firdaus Striker
Habi Utility Player
glendon ho Full Back - Left
Promod George Utility Player
SathisH ShawN Midfield - Centre
CJ Lim Midfield - Left
Branson Lee Midfield - Centre
Ramlan B. Abdul Talib Goal Keeper
Damian Lazaroo Midfield - Centre
Goh Deng Nan Utility Player
azzo Midfield - Centre
Tan Hansheng Striker
Aztas Goal Keeper
Stann Majawit Striker
Michael Nino Lagura Goal Keeper
Richard Benkovic Striker
Dan Schoultz Midfield - Right
sean dhillon Utility Player
Miller Wun Full Back - Right
Naresh Centre Back
leon Utility Player
Edwin Chew Goal Keeper
shafiq Striker
hafis Utility Player
shamil Midfield - Centre
nael Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Amin B. Amran Goal Keeper
hassan Striker
MD.Shahmilzah Utility Player
Sanni David Utility Player
Mohd Daniel Centre Back
Teo Jing Long Midfield - Centre
calvin chong TRAINEE
John Cruz Centre Back
Pavan Mano Striker
hafriz Utility Player
Danial Zainal Striker
Solehan b. Rosdi Centre Back
Xyone Zheng Striker
muhd aminur bin abdul rashid Utility Player
c ogbodo Utility Player
Mohammad Qhanasry Striker
Isaiah Fadzlin Midfield - Right
tham yew meng Midfield - Left
Hafiz Striker
Tay William Goal Keeper
Yap Vi Seng Striker
Kelvin Wee Utility Player
Jared Brubaker Utility Player
Calvin Midfield - Centre
Brennan Midfield - Centre
HU JIALE Goal Keeper
ajay 10 Midfield - Right
babulal Centre Back
Henderik Tan TRAINEE
Umar Faridz Midfield - Centre
baljinder singh (raju) Striker
Jagpal Singh TRAINEE
Akvinderjit Singh Full Back - Right
akvinderjit singh Full Back - Right
Bala Murugan (Brian) Midfield - Centre
Sukvin Rhodah Centre Back
Niku Mama Striker
jaspal singh (SHAM) Midfield - Left
jai kishen(jai) Striker
parwinderjit singh(babu) Utility Player
Delvinder Singh - DEDU Utility Player
Syafiq Goal Keeper
Rony Puwarna Full Back - Left
Clarence Midfield - Left
Muhd Izwan Midfield - Left
Nur Hakim Utility Player
Yuan Simon Striker
Daniel Wong Striker
Rizzal Centre Back
SIMON Goal Keeper
Ng Shuojie Full Back - Right
Akmal Midfield - Centre
Rafuan AL Sani Midfield - Right
Muhd Noor Shafiq Midfield - Centre
Mamat Full Back - Right
danny Midfield - Centre
Wei Loong Goal Keeper
Alex Hepburn Utility Player
Ian Loke Full Back - Right
Heddy S. Permadi Centre Back
Nicholas Low Full Back - Right
Nur Muhammad Arif Full Back - Right
yomi Goal Keeper
Yapp Vui Min Goal Keeper
Jerry Striker
shahrul Centre Back
Lawrence Midfield - Right
budihati salam Centre Back
Jai Centre Back
w"lizd Full Back - Left
Muhammad Hanafi Bin Rahmat Striker
ALex Full Back - Right
Farhan Striker
Catherine Villeneuve Full Back - Left
Said Mubaruk Utility Player
Mohamad Abdillah Striker
Vinadin Fernandes Full Back - Left
JAMEL BIN SALLEH Midfield - Left
Hartley Yao Centre Back
ADAM WATERS Full Back - Left
blackrock sports intl TRAINEE
Jegathesh Arumugam TRAINEE
Sanjit Sidhu Utility Player
YAoz Utility Player
Albert Koh Midfield - Centre
Ridzuan Full Back - Left
Adrian Midfield - Left
Mick Tan Utility Player
Khairul Osman Midfield - Centre
Anis Naidu Midfield - Centre
mohan thas Midfield - Right
Hairi Midfield - Centre
Christiano Chan Midfield - Left
Alex Centre Back
Philip Choon Utility Player
Faddli Shah Midfield - Centre
Jerome Midfield - Left
Ferza Fernando Midfield - Centre
Andi Iryadi Utility Player
Allahyar Ghfari Kashani Midfield - Left
Mohammad Izhar Goal Keeper
Andrew Foo Striker
Min Soon Striker
Indra Putra Mahayuddin Striker
Seng Che Hao Striker
Remi Striker
Dinesh Patel Striker
Jong A Pin Utility Player
Bm Midfield - Left
Herry Utility Player
hairol Striker
Muhsin Johari Utility Player
Jansen Midfield - Right
Adem foo Midfield - Right
Muhammad Rossafiq Midfield - Centre
kambarudin b ibrahim Centre Back
Muhd Tahir M Munshi TRAINEE
Wilson Ang Striker
Amos Utility Player
TianHui Goal Keeper
muhammad Qasfillah Goal Keeper
Mohamed Raziken Bin Hosaini Striker
Max Yeong Midfield - Left
Darren Midfield - Centre
Syed Ali Utility Player
Muhamad Shafique Zulfiqar Bj Full Back - Right
Muhammad Faiz Bin Rosli Full Back - Right
Ashraf Khan Midfield - Centre
Kevin Tan Utility Player
Ronald Centre Back
Md. Haniffa Goal Keeper
Muhammad Nur iskandar Goal Keeper
Mohd Hail Bin Ahmad Midfield - Centre
Kwan Khee Sern Full Back - Left
Gurdip Singh Utility Player
Ivan Yeo Utility Player
Muhammad Arif Bin Mohamad Utility Player
Mohd Elfee Bin Razali Striker
Al-an'am Bin Ibrahim Goal Keeper
jamali shroom Goal Keeper
Simon Lim Utility Player
Md Ishak bin Razalie Centre Back
Shola Striker
Yuidji Iseki Centre Back
Roslan Bin Junid Midfield - Centre
Mohammad Amin (Minsu) Goal Keeper
Mohamad Hissham Bin Sudin Midfield - Centre
Lance Gunawan Goal Keeper
loon Goal Keeper
Ken Midfield - Left
Jahangeer Utility Player
Jeremy Wong Jin How TRAINEE
Razali Utility Player
Muhd Fadly Goal Keeper
Timur Zakirov Midfield - Right
abdol nizam Centre Back
shankar Centre Back
Amrit Centre Back
Jason Ong Striker
Muhd Aidil bin Md Noh Striker
muhammad taufiq TRAINEE
Roy Utility Player
MUHD . QASIM AKA BABA Full Back - Left
Mohamad Zhafran Bin Mohamad Morshidi Striker
muhammad suffian Utility Player
Reginald HarsaTanaya Utility Player
kai Midfield - Right
Mukaka Baapamuu Striker
adell kahn Midfield - Centre
Shreyas Rao Midfield - Centre
ZAINALL BIN MOHD Midfield - Left
Avionte Striker
Joakim Sylvester Mathews Striker
Taranjit Singh Bajaj or Taju Striker
Andrew Chua Utility Player
Rahmat Bin Saring Midfield - Left
Chris Grant TRAINEE
Edward Midfield - Right
Muhammad Iskandar Bin Abdul Midfield - Right
Fuzz J Goal Keeper
Liu Xiwei Kenneth Midfield - Right
Zachary Chooi Midfield - Centre
nick rozaili Goal Keeper
Alex Goal Keeper
steven lee xiao hui Midfield - Centre
Andy Chen Jun Jie Midfield - Left
Mohammed Rozario Midfield - Right
Al Midfield - Centre
Frank Brentford Striker
Marcus Leow Centre Back
syakir sabirin Midfield - Centre
Rence Kang Striker
Klaas Jan Huntelaar Utility Player
matthew koh eng kiat Centre Back
Yang Sheng Utility Player
ishan rawlley Singh Full Back - Right
robert brett Midfield - Centre
Eddie Centre Back
Rohan Dhir Midfield - Right
arjun pandit Full Back - Right
Muhammad Hussien Bin Ahmad Full Back - Right
Julian Kim Centre Back
Muhammad Aman Centre Back
Mohd Zaki Yusoff Midfield - Right
Muhd Khairul Midfield - Centre
Charlie Liew Midfield - Left
Tarlochan Singh Gill S/O Piara Singh Midfield - Left
Abu Beckham Midfield - Right
Lan Striker
Md Helmie Utility Player
Wan Midfield - Left
rizuan Utility Player
Ang Bing Xiang Utility Player
Janson Mui Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Ridwan Midfield - Centre
Cephas Yee Full Back - Right
Iwan Ismail Centre Back
Mohd Akhbar Midfield - Left
Dayne Centre Back
kelvin Cheong Striker
Khairul Midfield - Centre
min Goal Keeper
Suhaimi Utility Player
Md Riduan Noh Full Back - Right
Firdaus Mafud Midfield - Right
Imran Ali Midfield - Right
Mageshwaran S/O Javanderan Centre Back
Marican Striker
Ruki Midfield - Left
Arip Hassanol Midfield - Right
Rasdi Midfield - Left
Hassanol Utility Player
Mohd Faizal Striker
Amer Midfield - Left
Teddie Ferdian (Run Forest Run) Midfield - Left
Muhammad Huzir (cafu) Full Back - Right
Nurazmi Full Back - Right
Zack Midfield - Right
Erwin Utility Player
Thomas Lim Striker
Leo Qi Xiang Full Back - Right
Muhammad Azlan B. Adnan Centre Back
Kirishanth Midfield - Left
Hanafi Rahmat Midfield - Right
Jeremy Yap Striker
Xue Feng Striker
Mohd Rizzwan Goal Keeper
mohamed som bin mohd saad Centre Back
Hamzy Midfield - Centre
Michael Chi Striker
Leon Ng Striker
Mislan Munjari Utility Player
shafiee Goal Keeper
Mohd Faizal Bin Asmawi Goal Keeper
Jonathan Yeo Midfield - Right
ismadi kasron Centre Back
kabe Utility Player
Kalitasan Gianeson Full Back - Right
S. Krishnan Striker
Kyaw Ko Ko Midfield - Centre
munir Striker
Leonardo Miguel Francis Midfield - Centre
Boy mamat Goal Keeper
Ken Chew Full Back - Left
Alan Tan Lian Tuck Full Back - Left
Mohamad Fadzli Bin Rahman Utility Player
Abdul Razak Goal Keeper
vijay Midfield - Centre
Masjuri Centre Back
Azman Md Noor Striker
Stepfan Soon Full Back - Right
Roszaiman Midfield - Centre
khairulldin bin saadon Midfield - Right
mohd rafiq bin abdul razak Midfield - Right
Habib noor Striker
Dennis Zhao Midfield - Centre
Chia Teck Loong Striker
muhd munir Midfield - Centre
Leong Yong Peng Val Midfield - Left
Mohammad Hanizam Bin Hassan Goal Keeper
Reygan Tomalon Midfield - Right
chester Striker
reagan Full Back - Right
Melvin Kohl Utility Player
Jonathan Midfield - Right
Marcus Striker
jeremy Goal Keeper
Zul Full Back - Right
M Tauhid Utility Player
Muhammad Isma'il Midfield - Centre
Jerry Kwang Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Nasir Bin Ahmad Striker
Muhammad Salehin Bin Ismail Midfield - Left
han Utility Player
Lin Daqiang Utility Player
THOMAS SOH Utility Player
Syafiq Centre Back
Steffen Schacher Utility Player
Varun Mahan Utility Player
Darren Striker
olakunle ajagbe Utility Player
seth Utility Player
Mohd Shazwin TRAINEE
HISHAM Utility Player
B.Ruuveen Centre Back
Toh Yong Poh TRAINEE
Des Wachinka Utility Player
Lee Jwo Tyng Chris Striker
Fernando jorge Midfield - Centre
musz Full Back - Right
Muhammad Shahrin Bin Sapari Striker
Mamat Striker
Matthew carruther Midfield - Left
joey lai Striker
saifudin Goal Keeper
Mohd Farid Striker
Abdil Qaiyum@Kai Centre Back
Fernando Silva Midfield - Centre
Aidil Full Back - Right
David Yap Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Akbar Goal Keeper
Wes Tay Goal Keeper
Kourdane Youssef Midfield - Centre
Shaiful Bahri bin Shafi'ee Goal Keeper
Kenddrick Chan Full Back - Right
Sean Low Utility Player
shaiful bahri Goal Keeper
Jack Chee Midfield - Centre
Abdillah Midfield - Centre
Didi Midfield - Centre
Mahendran Veeraya (Mike) Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Helmi Midfield - Right
Bobby Striker
Mara Kimato Centre Back
muhd syafiq Goal Keeper
Roger Full Back - Right
muhd hapni Utility Player
muhd hapni bin rahman Utility Player
sukarto Full Back - Right
chee sern Full Back - Right
Mohd Syaifulazim bin Mohd Salim Striker
Muhd Hadiz Utility Player
Rajehwatan Utility Player
Jai Centre Back
Md Khairuddin Bin Rosly Full Back - Right
mohamad taufik thana Goal Keeper
NICHOLAS TAN Midfield - Left
boi2 Striker
Rahul Bowry Full Back - Right
Kendrick Tan Ei-Meng Striker
Alan Lim Striker
poom Midfield - Right
Alif Danial Bin Abdul Jalil Utility Player
tarmizi Midfield - Centre
Ishak Khan Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Alfi Shahzmeer Bin Annuar Utility Player
Thomas Schrage Full Back - Left
Darren Lim Midfield - Left
van oung Striker
Muhammad Fahmy Bin Rasiman Midfield - Centre
Jeffrey Midfield - Centre
Lim Yong Jin Julian Midfield - Right
Aidil Izhar Full Back - Left
Mohammad Suffian Bin Mohammad Sapri Striker
Lyle Cordeiro Utility Player
clarence Midfield - Left
Oleg Full Back - Right
Nathaniel Tan Goal Keeper
Rahimo Centre Back
Julianto Midfield - Centre
Lee Yong Ping Fendy Striker
Wynson Striker
Izwan Ismail Midfield - Centre
Lee Keng Beng Midfield - Right
Jr Ng Full Back - Right
Chiu Yong Gui TRAINEE
Mohamad Zakuan Striker
Ronny Midfield - Centre
Eduard Chng Striker
amos ng Striker
Johan Utility Player
Rizal Utility Player
Mohd Dian Utility Player
azhari bin noor Utility Player
Danni Striker
Simon Wong Midfield - Left
Merrill Lee Striker
Daniel Lee Utility Player
Sebastian Utility Player
Khaled Bana'ma Striker
Ah Jiang Striker
op nedved Full Back - Right
Mohammed Asri Goal Keeper
Rui Idzhar Striker
Mikey B Midfield - Centre
Michael Koh Striker
Nabil Utility Player
Edwin Utility Player
Louis Law Striker
L. Thomas Tan Striker
Su Caizheng Striker
Laurence Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Azlan Bin Adnan Centre Back
Chris Utility Player
Adrian Tay Striker
Noor Hakym Striker
Alan Sim Midfield - Centre
Adam Brooks Midfield - Right
Andrew Whibley Striker
Muhammad Hazim Bin Kamal Centre Back
Malcolm Midfield - Right
"Deco" Lim Koh Wee Midfield - Right
jin Utility Player
somphavy keoka Striker
Muhammad Taha Centre Back
Twenty Striker
Jan Lim Goal Keeper
Agustinus Khow Midfield - Right
Muhd Shukri Bin Salleh Centre Back
Chuan Wei Zhang Striker
zulkiflee Bin Wari Utility Player
Edwin Mak Utility Player
Joseph Lim Utility Player
kelvin ha Midfield - Right
Muhammad Mustazly Goal Keeper
MD RHAOMADHAN Full Back - Left
raguz singh Full Back - Right
shahril zainuddin Utility Player
hiresh Midfield - Centre
Zhi Wei Midfield - Centre
Sami Chabouni Midfield - Centre
Vinoth Kumar s/o A.Asogan Full Back - Right
tan woon lea Utility Player
Inderjitupal Singh Sidhu Striker
din Goal Keeper
Kay Lee Goal Keeper
kelvin soh Midfield - Centre
Azhari Bin Mohd Full Back - Right
gurvinder singh Centre Back
amrik singh sunny Striker
Kavalgeet Goal Keeper
Sebastian Utility Player
Poobalan Midfield - Centre
Syed Hafiz Midfield - Right
Chris Lau Full Back - Left
Benjamin Loke Utility Player
Sebastian Goal Keeper
Dennis Cheong Full Back - Right
Darren Wong Striker
Helmizan Striker
Nick Utility Player
Kelvin Tan Midfield - Right
Eugene Sim Midfield - Centre
Kyle Ganapathy TRAINEE
Yves Utility Player
wei kiat Centre Back
Jai Kanth Striker
Jimmino Striker
Gabriel Chan TRAINEE
Firdhaus Midfield - Right
Muhammad Rasul Bin Kamis Centre Back
Muhammad Rasul Bin kamis Midfield - Centre
Mohamed Nazarrudin Utility Player
marcus Striker
Riduan Badardin Striker
Romie Sulaiman Goal Keeper
Kester Ng Utility Player
Mohamad Rizal Striker
Kelvin Tan Midfield - Right
Tee Yew Yik Joey Goal Keeper
Philip Midfield - Right
Mazlan Midfield - Right
Mark Melo Midfield - Centre
Edwin Full Back - Left
Joey Buttafuocco Utility Player
zal Centre Back
Bernard Teng TRAINEE
Alwyn Soh Utility Player
raymond ho Utility Player
abdul haleem Centre Back
Eric Aw Full Back - Right
homer Utility Player
Jackson Ong Midfield - Left
Mark Sum Goal Keeper
Jonathan Ong Full Back - Right
Jose Roberto Rodriguez Faure Midfield - Centre
Richard Lisbin Midfield - Right
Muhammad Gaddafi Striker
Namka Midfield - Right
daniel barrow Striker
subik Centre Back
Nick Tan Midfield - Left
Alan Robert Midfield - Centre
chow yoke tin Utility Player
Jit Goal Keeper
Azhar Adam Midfield - Centre
Teo Huey Chin Midfield - Right
Calvin Midfield - Right
Zufri Striker
jamali Striker
Johan Striker
Ng Zhen Quan Doman Midfield - Left
Doman Ng Striker
John Striker
Adrian Ng Striker
shawn Full Back - Right
Razak Zack Full Back - Right
Nafeez Centre Back
Muhamad Alif Qayyuum b m y Goal Keeper
Nicholas Low Striker
cheehao Full Back - Right
Paul Lim Utility Player
jacob wee Utility Player
Mohd Hermie Centre Back
Roger Soh Midfield - Right
YS Full Back - Left
prem Midfield - Centre
Raymond Centre Back
Iverson Centre Back
Johnson El Karkouri TRAINEE
Ivan Fattorusso Midfield - Centre
noraizad Centre Back
hisham Striker
Muhammad Ali Midfield - Right
Elfi Bin Tusiran Striker
mohammed ariff bin salleh Goal Keeper
Muhd Nasir Midfield - Centre
Mohammad Arif Bin Hamidon Goal Keeper
HOSH HO Goal Keeper
Andy Watts Utility Player
GAN Utility Player
Noor Azri Full Back - Right
Li Huai Min Striker
Shuy yao jie Goal Keeper
Ewan Cameron Midfield - Centre
António João Baptista Alves Monteiro(kead) Utility Player
Sal Midfield - Centre
Erwin Tanto Striker
Terence Utility Player
ML or FW Midfield - Left
Muhd Hilmi Centre Back
Ivan Tan Goal Keeper
Rashid Bin Abdul Hamid Centre Back
Jules Striker
Jeffery Teo Utility Player
jonathan lee Goal Keeper
Gregorio Araiza Centre Back
Iskandar Bin Abdul Hamid Goal Keeper
ryann Utility Player
Benoit Full Back - Left
Muhammad Rushdi Full Back - Right
Satheesh Kumar Centre Back
LIM WEN PENG Utility Player
siddarth mani Full Back - Right
Daniel Pang Utility Player
Lim Dennis Utility Player
Sha Striker
John Valdezco Midfield - Centre
Khairuddin Ismail Midfield - Centre
Muhammad Khairul Bin Anuar Midfield - Right
Mohamed Adam Othman Striker
Andy Ong Utility Player
Jeremy Tan Midfield - Centre
SiRiPong Striker
md taufik Goal Keeper
Kamaruzaman Zainal Utility Player
Ben.T Striker
Mark Midfield - Centre
Md Zaid Midfield - Right
Minh Nguyen Utility Player
Thomas Lui Midfield - Centre
Azlan Malek Striker
ljh Midfield - Right
hidayat Striker
Dylan Lau Striker
Jason Lee Striker
roy fazli rahamat Striker
Muhammad Fahmy Bin Razali Midfield - Right
Yanto Midfield - Left
Marc Joly Centre Back
Michael Tan Utility Player
muhammad farhan bin saifulbahar Striker
Mohemed Shawal Bin Daud Midfield - Right
Raj Johal Striker
Rezdwan bin Samsudin Midfield - Left
Shahril Hasan Striker
Charlie Tjokrodinata Utility Player
Andy Yow Midfield - Right
Mark Lor Midfield - Centre
David Chan Striker
Philip Tan Midfield - Right
oh ghim chong Goal Keeper
David Low Utility Player
Deric Lim Striker
Soemin Abdula Midfield - Right
Shahrul Hafify Utility Player
Kurt Utility Player
john wayne berry Striker
Kenny Yip Utility Player
Andrew Midfield - Centre
Ken Lai Utility Player
SAW Midfield - Centre
Wong Yun feng Striker
Ahmad Zakir Full Back - Right
Khant Minn Midfield - Left
Rico Yip Striker
Kyaw Zin Min Full Back - Right
Zay Yar Aung Centre Back
Tengku Muhammad Alif Tengku Sedek Midfield - Centre
Gregory Chan Utility Player
Vincent Ng Utility Player
Jerry Striker
Ong Wei De Utility Player
Muhammad RAzif Ariff Striker
Muhammad Razif Striker
Mohammed Khairi Bin Zainal TRAINEE
Paul Hughes Centre Back
Mohd Naqiuddin Bin Fahmi Fong TRAINEE
iqbal Midfield - Left
Philip Utility Player
Harvinder Singh Striker
Guan Jiong Midfield - Left
Darren Midfield - Right
Gabriel Amaral - BRAZIL Midfield - Centre
mohamed redzuan Utility Player
Thomas Striker
Noor Azhar Utility Player
koh Utility Player
Jason Midfield - Centre
Anand S/O Sasangan Striker
keegan morales gan Striker
Nai Full Back - Left
Navin S/O Chandra Manogaran Midfield - Right
Robert Full Back - Right
Peter Hoving Midfield - Left
Imran Full Back - Right
Wen Chuan Midfield - Right
Syed Sadiq Striker
Daniel Chan Centre Back
Daryl Soh Midfield - Left
Caiz Utility Player
Sean Foo Utility Player
Kevin Marshall T Utility Player
muhammad hidayat Goal Keeper
chua jin yuan Striker
Daniel Lim Utility Player
Chia Liang Chien (Paul) Full Back - Right
Al-Hadi Goal Keeper
Shamsul Shah Bin Hassan Midfield - Centre
Mohammad "Zico" Nizam Utility Player
Sunil Laungani Striker
Masagos Muhammad Nadhir TRAINEE
Nazri Raziff Striker
moon Striker
sabtu Utility Player
Eric Tham Phui Heng Goal Keeper
Rendy Midfield - Left
Madhavan Striker
Ivan Loo Midfield - Right
Jonathan Teo Utility Player
Lim BengThye, Leon Utility Player
Abdul Wahab Full Back - Right
Justin Midfield - Right
Kel Tay Utility Player
Khoo Yap Meng Midfield - Centre
tony siew TRAINEE
muhammad faisal Goal Keeper
roy tan Midfield - Centre
muhd mubarak TRAINEE
andy sng Utility Player
jason yong TRAINEE
Lou Jun Teck TRAINEE
kane Centre Back
Muhammad Taha Bin Roslan Centre Back
Lionel Full Back - Left
Muhammad Jasmi Midfield - Right
Nor Rizal Bin Ahmad Striker
Vikram Raju Striker
Soebqi Aiman Midfield - Centre
Ahmad Yasser Bin Mohamed Full Back - Right
Muhd Hermein Striker
Adam Bin Mohamed Midfield - Centre
Vincent Midfield - Centre
Tan Wei Yan Full Back - Left
Wee Chong Yee Full Back - Right
yinghao Centre Back
GB Midfield - Centre
S. Saravanan Utility Player
Spencer Centre Back
Muhammad Nazri Striker
Mark Poh Striker
TEY TECK SOON Midfield - Centre
Mike Utility Player
Dave Tan Full Back - Right
Eric Chin Utility Player
Mohamed Yazid Bin Yusman Midfield - Left
Muhammad Danial Asmali Striker
Muhd Syafiq Izzat Utility Player
SABAN Utility Player
ah kiat Goal Keeper
Wong Kah Kian Centre Back
Ron Ong Utility Player
Mohamed Iqbal Utility Player
Muhammad Alif Bin Kamarudin Striker
Nasir-Zidane Midfield - Centre
Harry Goal Keeper
Bran Lee Full Back - Left
Abdul Rahman Striker
Mohd Zaki Mohammed Striker
razaq Utility Player
JALIL ARIF Full Back - Right
rosli Striker
Sunny Kirpal Singh Striker
gerald Utility Player
EdmundHeng Midfield - Centre
Jennifer Toh Full Back - Left
maurice tan Striker
Chan Striker
Alwyn Teo Kim Hong Centre Back
Low jun Hao TRAINEE
Naz Utility Player
Danial Gerold Midfield - Centre
Hamzah Jumahat Midfield - Left
Vincent Striker
Goh Meng Guan Midfield - Right
Abdul Nizam Bin Abdul Wahab Full Back - Right
Prash Naidu Utility Player
Simon Cheong Utility Player
Ray Jr Midfield - Right
Jefferson Anthony Augustine Midfield - Right
ibrahim fikri Utility Player
Shawal Rosly Striker
Yang Yujian Calvin Striker
Razhed Matin Midfield - Right
haniff Full Back - Right
Ho Whee Khit Utility Player
Tim Yeow Meng Huat Striker
Neo Hong Tat Utility Player
Minhad Utility Player
Y. Sadhish Utility Player
tan chee Siang, chester Midfield - Right
Tan Shun Ji Full Back - Left
Steve Lim Zho Kiu Midfield - Left
Alex Lim Goal Keeper
JackTan Midfield - Right
kenneth lim Striker
Vincent Teo Full Back - Right
Joshua Yong Midfield - Centre
Arshad Midfield - Right
Felix Chua Full Back - Right
Nor Hakim Striker
Muhammad Noor Centre Back
Joseph Ang Centre Back
Roselan Bin Rahmat Utility Player
Rasyid Bin Othman Utility Player
Edmund Wee Utility Player
Hasif Zulhilmi Striker
Wong Heng Sheng Striker
Vincent Goh Striker
Xu JingJia Full Back - Left
Mohammed Juanda Utility Player
Andy Teo Striker
Sebastian Midfield - Centre
Ghazali bin Azman Striker
hidayat Striker
Jamaluddin Bin Khamis Striker
Wilfred Chua Midfield - Right
Dean Arde Arshad Striker
jeremy yap boon hock Striker
Shamus Yeo Utility Player
chia Midfield - Left
Eric Tan Striker
Darran Striker
kairul amri Midfield - Left
Wee Lip Midfield - Right
Daryl Bryan Chee Striker
Johnny Liu Midfield - Centre
Jason Tan Midfield - Centre
Jeff Kong Midfield - Right
Firdaus Utility Player
Alvin Teo Full Back - Left
Khairil Zam b Kamaruzaman Full Back - Right
Arman A. Shah Goal Keeper
Muhd Hairulnizam Midfield - Left
Mohamad Hijazi Midfield - Centre
Dennis Lim Goal Keeper
Shahul Hamid Utility Player
Ariff Zainol Full Back - Left
abdul rahim bin non Goal Keeper
harun Utility Player
Md.Faisal B.A.L Midfield - Left
Faizal Mazlan Utility Player
Ching Zhi Yun Utility Player
Muhd Hasman Bin Misnabi Utility Player
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