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Monday, 11 December 2017
It's now 5:31 PM in Singapore

Taking this opportunity I would like to show our appreciation (on behalf of my team) for the improvements and arrangement made this season so far. I remember a few months back we had a telecon about game location issues etc. This season most of our games have been played in the central, west area of Singapore. It has made sunday games alot more enjoyable for some of us - less hassle, more football. It is evident to myself and my teammates you and your team have taken our feedback onboard and have made an genuine effort to improve your 'clients' enjoyment of sunday football. This is a sparkling testament to Espzen's work, similar to our early days in Espzen where I had special arrangements with Mr. Taylor to play at our then 'home ground' Commonwealth Secondary. For that, please accept a humble 'Thank You' from Benedetto United F.C.
- Liam, Benedetto United Football Club

I would like to thank you for the fantastic structure for the league, making it more exciting the the S-League in my opinion
- lewin bernard, FC El Leon

Well.....somehow....we've managed to do it again and have won our 5th promotion in 5 season by winning Div 4. We are amazed at this, but very happy and looking forward to competing in Div 3. We really feel that we can, one day, be playing in Div 1 ! I wanted to thank you and your team for running such a great competition. The organisation is really outstanding !!
- andrew.galbraith, Mollys Misfits Football Club

ESPZEN has done a phenomenal job in providing a platform for all footballers to play the game that they so desire on a weekly basis. Top notch planning with match reports, top goal scorers, automatically updated tables all coming into play with the press of a few buttons. More importantly, a good degree of competitiveness exists within the leagues and it is rare that double digit score-lines are heard of here. Keep up the good work ESPZEN and we hope for many more months of wonderful experiences with the league.
- Melvyn Mok, YSOSRS Football Club

Our decision to leave our previous league, while leading the table and being in the final of the cup has proved a correct one. ESPZEN, with its professionalism in organizing the league, has impressed us tremendously. More importantly, the teams weve faced this season has made us feel welcome as a new member in the ESPZEN family
- Saifudeen Rahman, Fake Madrid FC

One of the best league and we have always been present so will surely take part again !! well done ESPZEN. thanks, engelbert (NW spartans)
- Engelbert, Northwest Spartans Football Club

I am Muhammad Yusuf. I have had the priviledge of playing in your ESPZEN league for the last 5 years under BAKAR C.F. from 2007-2009 and FC Hobo from 2009 to present. I am rather impressed with your company's management and organisation of the league. So, I am thinking of forming another team to join the league in about 3 weeks time.
- Muhammad Yusuf, Bakar C.F.

I must congratulate you all for running such a well organised set of football competitions. As someone who has experience of this in the UK, I know it is not easy, but having played in your leagues (for Sengkang Rangers) I am definitely an admirer.
- Andrew Cox, Sengkang Rangers FC

Thanks for a well run league and looking forward to another 6 months of competitive league action!
- Boon Kai Lim, AC United FC

I'm just new in the ESPZEN championship, Thanks for al the great job u are doing!!!!! It's so much fun to have a real organized soccer league for passionnate players!!!!!
- matthias leterme, Standard Chartered Bank FC

I want to thank FC 204, Doctor, and ESPZEN for allowing me to play football in Singapore and now I'm signed by S League Club - Woodlands Wellington. FC 204 is a very, very good team and ESPZEN is a very good league. I think some teams here especially my team FC 204 can play in the S League because they play very good professional football. I miss playing with FC 204 in ESPZEN. I will be back. Thank you my friends.
- Mido Zakaria Yousif, FC 204

Thank you FC 204, Dr. B Maestro & ESPZEN for such a wonderful platform for me to play in and eventually signed by my professional club here in Spain. I will always treasure my memories of my time there in Singapore and winning the prestigious ESPZEN Div 1 Championship with FC 204. Thank you.
- Mr. Mikky Amu, FC 204

Commenting on the match at the Marina Bay Float. "Hi Lee, it was brilliant !! Perfect Weather, great pitch, and set up. We had an official photographer and 32 players all took part and loved it. Harrys at the Esplanade were also grateful, we did not leave there until 1230. Many thanks for organising this truly memorable evening !!"
- Grant Hall, British Club Football Club

great effort to you and your team at ESPZEN and we will be looking forward eagerly to another fine season witredh ESPZEN
- Liam Chua, Benedetto United Football Club

great work with league organisation
- Chris Pardey, British Exiles Sunday Football Club

Hi Lee, Just want to drop a note of BIG THANK for a GREAT season. We truly enjoyed ourselves!
- Jimmy Pang, Thomson Reuters Football Club

I have played in various amateur leagues in S'pore and have to admit ESPZEN is one of the best organised ones. Great fields and referees. Even the website is very updated. Its our first season and we have truly enjoyed playing in ESPZEN LGE. A job well done to near perfection i say. Hats off to the committee of ESPZEN. Wonderful experience and keep up the gd work mates! U guys have set the standard for the rest to pursue.
- magen silva, HELO Football Club

Espzen league is well organise and competitive. we would definitely love to continue for the next season.
- Hendry Tan, ESPZEN Happy United FC

The Espzen league is what we look forward to every day of the week and wish our lives away that the weekend will come quicker so that we can lace up our boots, slip in the shin pads and play the sport we all so love
- Tom Hutton, Tuan Gemuk Athletic Football Club

it has been a fantastic experience to play in this league, to enjoy the game with proper refreeing and pitches to play in. Competition is tough and i think this league is an example to prove that singapore have hopes in raising their game to a new level.
- Lee Jian Wei Glenn, Royals Football Club

Espzen is nothing short of revolutionary for amateur football players in Singapore, it is the best and most professional league you can find around. I've been involved in the Sunday League 7th season and i want to thank Espzen for allowing my team to play competitively. All the best to all teams! They've found the right place to play at!
- Lou Jun Teck, PROTEGE ESPZEN 204 FC

Hi Lee, Appreciate the support your team have contributed. You guys deserved to be the best in the Market. Thanks.
- Jailani, Tampines Youngster Football Club

I really personally want to thank you for your patience and support to my small club since Day One we join ESPZEN IN 2007 (It was an experience we wiil never forget despite not winning any medal HARD LUCK SIMEI!),I hoped my team can continue playing in ESPZEN in years to come with your continuous mutual support and understanding. Lastly on behalf of my club I would like to wish you and your ESPZEN staff A very Happy New Year 2008
- Faisal Rashid, Simei United Football Club

Firstly, thanks for the brilliantly organised tournament. It has been the easiest to play for us in terms of organisation and to check our standings.
- Inderjit Singh KHOSA, YDM UTD Football Club

Dear Mr. Lee Taylor On behalf of our main sponsor, The Pump Room Asia, thank you very much for featuring their sponsorship deal as part of your top story in your website. As often reiterated by Dr B M Maestro, FC 204 continues to feel privilege to be a small part of ESPZEN and our enthusiasm has not eroded (in fact strengthen) since we first met you in our 1st ESPZEN game vs Barclays those early days of January 2007.
- Dr Maestro, FC 204

Great League. Keep it up.
- Joshua Mangham, British Club Football Club

Congratulations on winning The Sporting Singapore Inspiration Award 2007. We here at Los Leones FC are proud to be associated with ESPZEN. Keep up the good work guys.
- Lewin Bernard, Los Leones Football Club

To ESPZEN, Ms. Shima, Mr. Malcolm, Mr Jonathan and most importantly, Mr. Mathew Boylan and Mr. Lee Taylor. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of something Big. As we have always believed in this league, you have always believed in us. You have assisted us beyond the call of duty and throughout the time, remained patient and fair. We are glad to have answered the call to join your league and left our previous one. The standard, the professionalism, the class are ever evident and this league is truly in a league of its own. Keep up the good work ESPZEN.
- Dr Maestro, FC 204

Whilst we have yet to really begin our ESPZEN journey, Team 204+ would like to fully endorse ESPZEN and in particular, Mr. Lee Taylor for his impeccable professionalism, wonderful passion and great sense of humor. Both our trial games were held in good spirit against wonderful teams i.e. Hibernians All Stars and Holland Park 11 FC. Taking these games as a precursor of things to come, we are certain that this new adventure will be one to cherish. From Team 204+ to ESPZEN and Mr. Lee Taylor, thank you for giving us a platform to strive for the best. Best regards - Dr B M Maestro (Manager & Asst. Coach of Team 204+)
- Dr B M Maestro, Team 204+ Football Club

It has been a very good season and i would really like to thank the people of ESPZEN of making amatuer soccer so competitive and yet so fun
- Jit, SELECAO Football Club

a good platform to football.. if u could link with the singapore's football team would be a good idea so that young talents is exposed and espzen will get a name from it.. all espzen leagues are very active... cheers and keep it up then.. *two thumbs up*
- pavel nedved, To Be Confirmed

While we do initially had reservations paying what I would consider a premium among other leagues, so far we are impressed at the administration and truly now understands that the premium paid is well worth it. Im confident that we will be part of ESPZEN for the seasons ahead.
- Zul, Central Park Football Club

CONGRATULATIONS! On behalf of DHL well done truly well deserved for a fantastic league!
- Nicklas Schlingensiepen, DHL Football Club

Lee, Matt & Shima, Many congratulations for receiving the SSIA Gold Award, it is throughly deserved for all your hardwork and perserverance. A very big thank you also from everyone at Orchard Rovers FC for providing us with the platform to develop our football club. Cheers Steve Watts Orchard Rovers FC
- Steve Watts, Orchard Rovers Football Club

I know you guys have put a lot of effort into the ESPZEN league and I know that a lot of the guys involved appreciate that you, Lee and the team have given us old timers a lot of pleasure and fulfillment of achieving goals that we did not achieve as youngsters. Winning a medal or even taking part in football at a reasonable standard keeps us all going through the week and we all really look forward to our matches. Keep up the good work
- Peter Sheridan, Screamin Irish Football Club

Hi Lee Mate, well done on a good organised league this year & for sticking to the rules.
- Simon Alford, MATADOR Football Club

ESPZEN has proved itself to be the leading amateur league in Singapore.With its informative and user friendly website which is beyond doubt the best not just amongst local amateur leagues but around the world, it is evident that ESPZEN is dedicated in providing the best amateur footballing platform anyone could offer.Bakar C.F is looking forward to the fantastic ESPZEN experience.Kudos ESPZEN! The Management, Bakar Club de Futbol
- The Management, Bakar C.F.

Very well organised. Quality of teams in general is far better than those recommended by free-lancing referees in the open market. We used to steam-roll our opponents before joining the league. So it was really great to face stiff opposition. Drama, intense rivalry, friendship, tough moments, joy... We had it all. Many thanks to Lee for a job well done. Shima for responding fast to all my stupid requests. Thanks again! We may not be the friendliest team around but I'm sure overall we gave a good account of ourselves.
- JY, Nan Yang Blacks Football Club

THKS for organizing such a good soccer championship...It was really missing in Singapore !
- Claude, Olympique Singapore Football Club

It has been a pleasent experience to find a team within 12hrs of starting to seek one. Many thanks to this wonderful EZPZEN team for this fantastic league setup to help players like me to continue enjoy playing soccer & also in helping me find a great team within such a short notice.
- Faizal, Racing Wednesday FC

On behalf of Ale Vasco, I would like to thank you for a well organised and interesting awards night celebration. Rahman and myself have had experience organising awards nights and we know the kind of trouble you guys had to go through to plan the event.
- Samsul, Ale Vasco Football Club

Great ceremony Tuesday night - excellent organization and cools awards. Congratulations !
- Daniel Aioli United, Other

I've just finished my first season with the Screamin Irish, and look forward to many more. Keep up the good work, the league and website are top notch.
- Brian, Sreamin Irish Football Club

Ale Vasco will still be involved with ESPZEN next season. Why would we want to go anywhere else? Great job guys.
- Sam, Ale Vasco Football Club

Hi I'm Abdul Rahman and have been asking around about the espzen league. I have lots of positive feedback on it and very keen in registering my team to participate in the upcoming league season.
- Faz, Other

Although we've only been playing in your leagues for a few months, its really clear that ESPZEN is truly in a class of its own. No other leagues we've participated in even come close. Great job Lee & co! Everyone here's been really impressed with how committed you guys are, in keeping this league as professional and enjoyable as possible to all. Cheers to many many more seasons ahead!
- Melvin, Gabrielite Remix Football Club

Dear Lee Thanks alot, u are doing a great job Pal...Keep it up
- Koon Square, TUSSER Ranger Football Club

Hi, we are the organizer for the above 30's social league in KL.(with 3 under 30s allowed). I happened to surf for social soccer info in Singapore and came across your site. Must say you guys did a fantastic job in organizing such a grand league. Well, ours is slightly different where it is run by a bunch of volunteers.
- Wayne Lee, Other

Many thanks for organising the awards night last week at the 1NiteStand pub and for a very impressive past two seasons of football.
- Maurice, Tembusu Football Club

Thanks Lee. It was a great day...(charity match) and as always, "football was the winner!"
- John, Barclays Capital Football Club

hi! i'm a 18 year old local student in singapore. recently i came upon the espzen website through the introduction in the newspaper. after spending a few days browsing through the website, i've posted a entry of my playing experience under the "players looking for a team registration" page and i've also found out then some teams are currently recruiting players. although i do not have a long history of playing in official tournaments (most recent coming in 2005 as i represented Nanyang Junior College in the 'A' divisions tournament) but i have been playing the sport for as long as 12 years both socially and competitively. i hope to join one of the teams currently in the espzen leagues to further my playing experience. i must say it was really great to know about espzen existence in singapore
- Chan Samuel , Other

We joined ESPZEN because it seemed to be the only proper and professional run amateur football league in Singapore. The organization is excellent and the website is brilliantly comprehensive, from regular updates and stats to side competitions from sponsors. It has definitely improved and helped our game by taking control of the organization portion. The regularity and professionalism shown by ESPZEN has allowed us to focus on the main reason we joined in the first place, to have fun and play football!
- Nik, Die Hard Logistics Football Club

ESPZEN is a very well run league and is bringing enjoyment to hundreds of footballers, both local and foreign. It brings a lot of people together who would not normally interact. It is a very positive force for football and Singapore in general. We commend ESPZEN for all it has achieved.
- Simon, Sreamin Irish Football Club

Hi Lee, Matt and all members of the organisation, just wanted to congratulate everyone on having such an efficent, well run league. Its been a pleasure to participate. Also credit to all our opponents who have turned up on time and playing the game in the most sporting spirit. 3 CHEERS!!
- Peter Yong, Holland Park 11 Football Club

This ESPZEN league is really getting very interesting. Such a good platform to get match fitness and experience from playing in a competitive environment. I am so enjoying playing with the SMUS.
- SMU Player, Other

ESPZEN provides an organised framework for amateur football in Singapore, and its website is informative and entertaining. Match reports, league tables, fixture lists, it says on its website ESPZEN truly has revolutionised amateur football in Singapore (March 2005)
- The Management, Racing Football Club

Commenting on the Physionique FREE professional warm up session organised by ESPZEN for all ESPZEN registered teams:- "I would to thanks Christina and Physionique for the good warm up session delivered on sunday 13th March 2005 to Olympique Singapour.It was very useful and I believe efficient since we had a good start which is not always the case."
- Christopher Linot, Olympique Singapore Football Club

Commenting on ESPZEN - Physionique Pre Match Professional Warm Up "It was a good work out for the lads, overall everyone was happy with it & it actually prepare our team for the game. So thumbs up for it!" 7th March 2005
- Ronald Chan, Killer Whales Football Club

"Great Effort & Hard work" are the only words that can describe what ESPZEN has done so far for Soccer in Singapore. ESPZEN not only helps the country to develop a soccer culture amongst the locals but it also brings locals and others kind of nationalties together to enjoy the game of football. ESPZEN has created a LOCAL SOCCER ICON so that many of us can put a stop to searching and wondering about our next game and can now look forward every weekends to enjoy the game. ESPZEN deploys expertise in handling all levels of football league management and have a solid team. Tusser Rangers wishes ESPZEN all the BEST in Singapore Soccer scene and we hope we can grow with them thru the years to come...
- Steven Yeo, TUSSER Ranger Football Club

Commenting on just being awarded ESPZEN's Feb 2005 comedy caption winner for 10 free tickets to the 1NiteStand worth SGD500 "Fantastic! This is going to be quality! Thank you ESPZEN and an especially the 1NiteStand"
- Nicklas Schlingensiepen, Die Hard Logistics Football Club

Great idea Lee and the team to introduce a feedback section. We have only played five games so far but it is very evident how much hard work goes on behind the scenes, not just with fixture organisation and the tremendous website but also with following up and chasing us less efficient beings. Keep up the hard work.
- Steve Watts, Orchard Rovers

I am playing football in the UK and was told to look at your website by a friend of mine... It really seems you have invested a lot of time and effort in the site and it really looks great. I am asking our league organiser to follow your lead - but not hopeful... great work - I would love to play football in Singapore one day.
- Richard House, Other

Hi Lee (and fellow ESPZENers) Just wanted to say thanks and congratulations for a great first season, and a brilliant awards night on Tuesday. You guys have really made a difference to playing football in Singapore! Long may it continue... See you next -- no, this! -- season... Cheers Robin
- Robin Paxton, Racing Football Club

Hi Lee and team, I'm relatively new to SG but have been playing ball since I got here. I did a lot of coaching and other organizing of events in the States previously and I wanted to let you know that your hard work has not at all gone unnoticed. In talking w/ the lads last night at the party there was an overwhelming sentiment that you have done and outstanding job w/ ESPZEN. So thanks a lot for all those tireless efforts, they are much appreciated. Now, onward to a great season!
- Guy Cross, Hibernians Football Club

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