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1 Tanah Merah 22
Hibernians Academicals FC 21
Iberians 16
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German All Stars Singapore FC 19
Playground Rivals 17
Happy Ending FC 14
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1TM FC Legends 15
Vikings Vets 12
ANZA Lions 9
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Layar 30
TeamCuzz 18
Purple Monkeys Saturday FC 17
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Playground Rivals 19
Club M 17
Sons Of Pitches 14
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Magista 12
Hilderinc 7
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Sengkang Rangers FC 16
FC Hospitality 13
Hibernians Athletic 10
Aioli Gaulois 0
Ooooglee Boys 0
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Singapore Pirates 1
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Samalongkok 3
Team H Social 3
Adparlor United 3
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Sporting Olympique 3
The Legacy 3
Smartmat 0
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AC United 6
Young Patriots 6
Westlanders United 4
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Sunday, 19 November 2017
It's now 1:44 AM in Singapore
Send us your best team photos and videos and we'll upload on the website!!                                                         MATADOR Sunday League Season 26 is still OPEN FOR REGISTRATIONS!!
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ESPZEN Saturday League Season 19 Registration
Start Date - March 2018
ESPZEN Midweek League Season 22 Registration
Start Date - on February 2018
MATADOR Sunday League Season 27 Registration
Start Date - October 2017
ESPZEN Saturday Veterans League Season 7 Registration
Start Date - SEPTEMBER 2017
ESPZEN Friendly Games 2017 Registration
Start Date - On-Going

Latest Fixtures / Match Reports
Date ESPZEN`s Men`s Midweek Football League Season 21 Match Report Match Preview
15-Nov Unwanted FC 0 vs 7 Happy Ending FC
15-Nov RockU Football Club 1 vs 3 1 Tanah Merah Football Club
15-Nov P.O.C FC 1 vs 3 German All Stars Singapore FC
16-Nov Mee Pok Football Club 0 vs 3 Home Hunt Football Club
16-Nov Sunday Football Club 5 vs 1 Iberians Football Club
Date ESPZEN Saturday Veterans League Season 7 Match Report Match Preview
18-Nov Hibernians Legends Football Club vs Real Ale Madrid Football Club
18-Nov British Club FC vs British Exiles Football Club
18-Nov GAS Zweite vs Italia82 Football Club
Date ESPZEN Saturday League Season 18 Match Report Match Preview
18-Nov Fighting Cocks Football Club 1 vs 2 Layar
18-Nov TeamCuzz Football Club vs Glee Athletic Youths Football Club
18-Nov Playground Rivals Football Club 2 vs 3 Sons Of Pitches Football Club
18-Nov Club M Football Club 7 vs 3 Kamikaze Football Club
18-Nov UBS United Football Club vs Honey Badgers Football Club
18-Nov Pacifire Football Club vs ORD Football Club
18-Nov Magista Football Club vs Dreamteam Football Club
18-Nov Super Aviators vs Mariners 2 Football Club
18-Nov Team Jubilee Football Club 2 vs 2 FC Hospitality
18-Nov Gabrielite Remix Football Club vs Hibernians Athletic
18-Nov Renegade Football Club vs Philippine Football Club - Singapore
18-Nov Adistone Football Club vs Graduate Soccer Team
Date MATADOR Sunday League Season 27 Match Report Match Preview
19-Nov Hibernians Social Football Club vs That Team
19-Nov Central Park Football Club P vs P FC MYK
19-Nov British Exiles Football Club vs Everyday Sunday Tusser Club
19-Nov Tsubasa vs The Legacy Football Club
19-Nov Team Xtreme Football Club vs Royal Phoenix Football Club
19-Nov Samalongkok vs Eastern Vale Football Club
19-Nov Sporting Olympique Football Club vs Smartmat Football Club
19-Nov Cherry Blossom Football Club vs Yale-NUS College Football Club
19-Nov Deportivo Lions Football Club vs Westlanders United Football Club
19-Nov Andernese Football Club vs Benedetto United Football Club
19-Nov Young Patriots Football Club vs AC United Football Club
Date ESPZEN Saturday League Cup 2017 Match Report Match Preview
25-Nov Super Aviators vs Adistone Football Club
25-Nov Layar vs Purple Monkeys Saturday FC

Date Friendly Matches
19-Nov Team Spirit Football Club vs 1TM Barbarians Football Club 3pm Bedok North Sec School

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