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Friday, 15 December 2017
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ESPZEN Supports SCC Soccer Sixes

April 07, 2010

ESPZEN, as a supporting partner to the SCC Soccer Sixes recommends all teams, and friends and family take time to visit the SCC soccer sixes this weekend (10th April @8am) at the Padang. 16 local and international teams will be competing to be crowned Soccer Sixes Champion 2010. Further details below – for full information please click on the official website url below :

The Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) will be hosting the 2nd SCC Soccer Sixes for 2010 on Saturday 10th April commencing at 8am. It also describes how the football enthusiast and his friends called upon their vast resources again to bring in great players to create an exciting and competitive team to compete in division 4 of the ESPZEN League.

    The tournament will involve 16 invited clubs/teams of OPEN age and 16 invited charity organisations/clubs/teams of U14’s age.
  • The tournament will be played over the duration of ONE day.
  • The tournament is will be played at the Singapore Cricket Club ‘Padang’ field
  • Tournament Format is summarized as follows

    • 6-a-side Match play inc. of 4 substitutes
    • Each Match will consist of two x 7 Minute halves (Half time break of 2 minutes given)
    • Knockout rounds will precede the Group stages of match play (Each Team gets a minimum of 4 matches during the tournament)
    • The tournament is organized by the SCC Soccer Section and will be played in accordance to FIFA Laws of the Game except:

      • i) There shall be no offside
      • ii) No entry into the goalkeeping area by any outfield player
      • iii) Rolling substitutes allowed

The 16 teams competing teams are

  • ISA Lions FC
  • Singapore U23
  • Singapore U21
  • Singapore U19
  • Cosmoleague Select
  • Prison Sports Club
  • Chonburi (BKK Airways)
  • TOT Football Club
  • Beijing Gouan Talent B
  • Singapore U17
  • Yokohama CAC
  • Singapore Cricket Club
  • Etoile FC
  • Johor Kota Tinggi Tigers 3
  • Police NFL
  • Bejing Guoan Talent

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