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Monday, 11 December 2017
It's now 5:27 PM in Singapore
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Real Ale Madrid Football Club
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Description: The team is managed by a local Singaporean named Ronald, who recons he's in his 40's, still plays, but we recon he is nearer to 30 and just uses his age as an excuse not to run. He’s just about the only guy who can complete a game and come off fresher looking before he went on. But seriously Ron must know nearly every referee and team manager on the Island. We play nearly all the year around except for the Christmas and New Year break when most of the players spend a few weeks at home. This is football, as it should be played, fun and enjoyment and the prefect environment to let off steam after the week's work. It's great enjoyment, a chance to have a shout and a scream, kick a few people and then shake hands afterwards (most times). Real Ale Madrid take their football seriously. Training for Sunday normally kicks off around 8.00pm Saturday night in the1NiteStand, a bar and Comedy Club at Clarke Quay, proud sponsors of Real Ale Madrid FC. Training starts off with a few beers just to ensure no chance of dehydration the following day. However after the first 1 or 2 beers, the planned moves become more and more complicated, until right out of there is a general consensus that talking tactics is a waste of time and much better to adopt the Keegan approach and not have a clue of how the team will play on any given day and to dispense with a tactical plan and let the players do as they wish. By now the team have really warmed up and Saturday night is turning into Sunday morning. Real Ale was formed in early 1997 as a result of a number of expat and locals. No choice but to have a beer related name, 6 of the players were connected with running or operating bars, clubs or restaurants, this included China Jump, Pleasure Dome, Buzz Bar, all famous drinking holes around town and maybe not as famous but a few select bars along the East Coast including Granitas restaurant and Vie Wine Bar. This has proved to be a fertile area for recruitment. The way it worked was to identify who was obviously the worst for ware after a few too many and they would invariably find themselves recruited into the team. A little like the old Press Gang, but Singapore style. Amazing how many people, after a few beers have been part of professional clubs back home, normally in reality they end up having 2 left feet and the nearest they came to being a professional was passing the stadium on the way to work everyday. But at least they become part of the team. So from the very start this was definitely a team to be associated with beer drinking, fond memories from back home. As with the transit nature of Singapore, the teams fortunes tend to run in cycles, we have periods of too many players and not enough places to running from famine to feast when many of these go back home at the end of their assignments or when the uniformity of Singapore becomes too much. Some of the guys have moved back to England and unfortunately for some of the others in the team have taken their Singaporean girlfriends with them! So keen to play, a number of the players arrange their business trips around the football, insisting to return from business in time for the afternoon kick off or fly out late Sunday evening on a business trip after the game. As well as the team giving everyone their football fix, it also provides an ideal way for many of the players that are new to Singapore to find out what’s going on, meet some new friends and understand the do's and don'ts of living in Singapore, counter to the very biased picture, there is no shortage of places to go and things to do in Singapore.
Team Honours: Saturday Div 3 champions 2010.
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