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Friday, 15 December 2017
It's now 4:38 AM in Singapore
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Benedetto United Football Club
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Description: BENˇEˇDEˇTTO
Pronunciation Key (ben'i-dit'o) adj.

1. To endow, as with talent.
2. Bringing happiness, pleasure, or contentment.
3. To honor and glorify.
4. To invoke divine favor upon.
5. To confer well-being and prosperity on.

The word Benedetto comes from the italian language. Translated to english, it means to be blessed. Thus our nickname 'The Blessed Ones'.

Individual commitment to a Team effort - that is what makes our Team work. Every match we play, we make sure our opponents remember, forever, the day they played our Team.

For The Love Of The Game,
Onwards Benedetto!
Team Honours: 1. Espzen Division 8 (Season 9) Champions
2. Espzen Division 5 (Season 10) 5th place
3. Espzen Division 5 (Season 11) 4th place
4. Espzen Division 4 (Season 12) 3rd place
5. Espzen Division 4 (Season 13) 7th place
6. Espzen Division 5 (Season 14) 6th place
7. Espzen Division 5 (Season 15) 4th place
8. Espzen Division 4 (Season 16) 6th place
9. Espzen Division 5 (Season 17) 7th place
10. Espzen Division 5 (Season 18) 3rd place
11. Espzen Division 4 (Season 19) 5th place
12. Espzen Division 4 (Season 20) 4th place
13. Espzen Division 4 (Season 21) 6th place
14. Espzen Division 3 (Season 22) 9th place
15. Espzen Division 5 (Season 23) 5th place
16. Espzen Division 5 (Season 24) 4th place
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