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Monday, 11 December 2017
It's now 5:22 PM in Singapore
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Hibernians Social Football Club
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Description: Hibernians FC of Singapore was established with the aim of providing a recreational outlet for Expats in the form of regular soccer games and a social environment for teammates and fellow soccer enthusiasts. Shortly after forming in 1995 the founding members adopted their present-day name, though the origins of this decision is still very much in dispute. One version has it that the group compromised on a designation that would best represent those Scots and Irish on the team who predominated (thus associating themselves with an Edinburgh-based club that is represented by the Latin word for "Irish"). The more widely accepted version, however, has it that Big Eddie Harkin of Donegal insisted that the side be called as such, a decree with which no one was going to argue. Since its inception Hibernians FC, or "Hibs," has progressed to a point of near- competence. From humble beginnings on the terraces of the East Coast, to friendly games against local and visiting sides, to competitive Sunday Leagues matches on Sentosa, the Club has come a long way in a short time. In 1999 Hibs entered its first tournament and placed a respectable third. The following year they duplicated this result in the Golden Sun Championships, a 14- team competition that ran from March to December, and a period that saw Hibs claim some notable distinctions including most goals scored for, least goals conceded, (and most yellow cards against). The year 2000 was also significant in that Hibernians FC applied for "Society" status from the Singaporean government, paving the way for the sponsorship they presently enjoy from Muddy Murphy's Irish Pub. The "Hibbies" look forward to another exciting season in the ESPZEN Div 2 in 2010. Anyone interested in finding out more about the team need not go far, as usually at least one representative can be spotted in Muddy's most evenings (particularly after a match on Sunday)
Team Honours: Champions League "champions" 2001 to 2002 season
Sponsor(1): Muddy Murphy
Sponsor(1) Website:
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