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Monday, 11 December 2017
It's now 5:21 PM in Singapore
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Purple Monkeys Football Club
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We are forming a team, from scratch, to try to participate in a social league and be as competitive as we can be. Whilst we intend to approach the competition in a serious manner, we are also adamant in making sure that our competitiveness does not get in the way of us having fun as we indulge ourselves on our weekly dose of social football!

I will be your purple monkey.

If you wish to join us, email for more information.
Team Honours: Since 03.01.2010 Won 15 Leagues 06 Cups

2017 ESPZEN Season 25 Sun Div1 Champions.

2016 EQD Sat Champions.

2016 Saigon's 7s Bowl Winners.

2016 ESPZEN Season 24 Sun Div1 Champions.

2016 Windmill Cup Masters Winners.

2016 EFL Sun Cup Winners

2016 ESPZEN Season 23 Sun Div1 Champions.

2014/2015 ESPZEN Champions Cup Winners.

2014 ESPZEN Season 13 Sat Div2 Champions.

2014 ESPZEN Season 12 Sat Div4 Champions.

2013 ESPZEN Season 19 Sun Div2 Champions.

2013 ESPZEN Season 18 Sun Div3 Champions.

2012 ESPZEN Season 17 Sun Div5 Champions.

2012 ESPZEN Season 16 Sun Div6 Champions.

2012 Goal Arena Sat Season 2 Champions.

2012 Goal Arena Sat Season 1 Champions.

2011 ESPZEN Season 14 Sun Div9 Champions.

2010 ESPZEN Season 13 Sun Div12 Champions.

2010 ESPZEN Season 13 Sun Div12 Fair Play Winners.
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