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Monday, 11 December 2017
It's now 5:28 PM in Singapore
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Sporting Olympique Football Club
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Description: Sporting Olympique FC are a spin off from New Olympique Singapore FC, Sporting were established in March of 2012. Due to the popularity of New Olympique Singapore FC and a team list of over 30 regular players the decision was made to form another team so everyone would get fair playing time. Sporting Olympique FC was born. Managers Darren and Chris were original pioneer members and league winners with New Olympique, they now have a vision to build a team that can compete and win promtion aswell as maintain a social aspect within the team. We see ourselves as the Singapore equivalent of AFC Wimbledon whilst New Olympique Singapore FC are MK Dons (if you know your English football history), we have started from scratch in a lower division and will rebuild and recruit a team worthy of promotion so hopefully in the near future we can join our high flying other half and give them a good hyding and become there local rivals. We are always interested in good social players of all nationalities to join our team so please get in touch if you are keen.
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