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Friday, 15 December 2017
It's now 4:35 AM in Singapore
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AC United Football Club
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Description: AC United FC is a professionally managed social football entity under AC Football Group, formed to provide weekend warriors an avenue to play their favourite game.

Having been around since 1992, AC United FC was officially recognized as a Club/Society by the Registry of Societies under the Ministry of Home Affairs since 2007.

The club is proud to have had over a hundred players come through its ranks over the years, with the reach including various parts of Asia, Europe and the US. Players as young as 16 have turned out for us, as well as veterans in their 40s.

The club also has the support of numerous home grown firms, many of whom have stayed with AC United FC since inception, as equipment, cash and administration sponsors.

The team motto-THE BEST IS YET TO BE - reminds the players and staff of the club that no matter how much they have achieved, or how far the club has advanced, there is always room for improvement.

There is no resting on laurels in AC United FC!
Team Honours: 2016
- ESPZen Season 25- Div 6
- ESPZen Season 24- FairPlay Trophy, Div 7

- ESPZen Season 23- Div 5
- ESPZen Season 22- Div 6

- ESPZen Season 21- 2nd, Div 7
- ESPZen Season 20- 3rd, Div 8

- ESPZen Season 19- Div 7
- ESPZen Season 18- Div 7

- ESPZen Season 17- Div 6
- ESPZen Season 16- Div 6
- ESPZen Season 15- Fairplay Trophy, Div 6

- ESPZen Season 14- Fairplay Trophy, Div 6

- ESPZen Season 13- Fairplay Trophy, Div 5
- ESPZen Season 12- 4th, Div 6

- ESPZen Season 11- 3rd, Div 7
- ESPZen Season 10- 3rd, Div 8

- ESPZen Season 9- 3rd, Div 9
- ESPZen Season 9- Fairplay Trophy, Div 9
- ESPZen Season 8- Fairplay Trophy, Div 8
- ESPZen Season 2- 4th, Div 3
Sponsor(1): Rev Power Car Leasing
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Sponsor(2): Pere Ocean
Sponsor(2) Website:
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