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Sunday, 19 November 2017
It's now 5:47 AM in Singapore
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Premier Football Club
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Description: Premier Football Club is established in 1997 when a group of PSLE graduates from Xinmin Primary School came together to play "kick-the-ball-around-Lah" at a Little pitch behind Punggol C.C. They were just a bunch of boys.

It has never crossed our minds what will be like since the day we first gathered in December 1997 with a handful of players without proper equipment, jersey and pitch until about a year later. From strength to strength the team grew, as they churned a household name for themselves in the Hougang neighborhood.

After some years playing against the same old foes, the team expanded their horizon out into Serangoon and AMK. Having been Looking out for a standard football pitch, Premier F.C made Serangoon Garden Secondary their home ground (well, not exactly theirs). The players have to climb over gates and fences for their "home games" as they started out playing without referees in the typical kampung-football style against the foreign clubs out of Hougang.

PFC took a break from pitch football after the millennium before resurrecting with a deeper passion and bond all round, with a new pool of players signed from former "old school rivals" - Vodka Juniors.

2017 marks Premier FC's 20th Anniversary.
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