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Sunday, 19 November 2017
It's now 8:14 PM in Singapore
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Everyday Sunday Tusser Club
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Description: In 2007, a group of football fans-friends came together to play the beautiful game. They named themselves 'Everyday Sunday Football Club' because most of their matches took place on everyone's favorite day of the week. The core of the team comprised Anderson JC, 2004. Their football education did not stop and most of them went on to playing for the different universities. As time passed, they integrated some like- minded and brilliant individuals who share the same passion. AJC's Latin motto, 'Non Mihi Solum', means "Not For Myself Alone" and this virtue is etched in the golden hearts of all the ex-Andersonians, and each and every Sunday brother. We're more than a club. We progress together.
Team Honours: 1. NUS Soccer Heartbeat Quarter-finalists 2007 2. XYQ Street Soccer Tournament Champions 2007 3. ESPZEN Sunday Mini League Season 1 Champions 2008 4. Sporting Light League 2010 Runner-up 5. ESPZEN Sunday Season 15 Div 11 Champions 6. ESPZEN Sunday Season 15 Fair Play Award 7. ESPZEN Sunday Season 16 Div 7 Runner-up 8. ESPZEN Sunday Season 17 Div 5 2nd Runner- up
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