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Sunday, 19 November 2017
It's now 1:43 AM in Singapore
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Westlanders United Football Club
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Description: We are an amateur team with burning desire in soccer.We don't mind having games with open category team.We just want to get exposed to more competitions and earn accolades to push our young and vibrant team further in their interest.Soccer is never a hobby,IT's OUR LIFE. That's how the team was formed. We spent 3/4 of our lives playing soccer or thinking about it, including our late coach. Speaking about coach, we call him Coach or Uncle wholeheartedly. Sam aka Selvam is his name.He had his own team called Eastlanders and we heard great stories about them.He plays many roles in our life.He is our inspiration,our teacher, our friend,our father and our protector. As Ravi used to say "Without him, there's no Westlanders".Our coach tends to act strict but in truth, he is very forgiving and gives in to us.He leads us to the right direction of victory. He has gone but we will continue and bring up his legacy.. Now lets talk about the team. Since the beginning, many people who helped start the team were gone.We don't blame them, they've got their own reasons.But to compensate them, we've got new players. I guess, its an cycle of life eh.Each time you go, another one would come in for your place and make it his.Yet, after all the changes,now we have formed a committed team, whom understand each other fully and work hard to prevail.
Team Honours: 1. Shuqun open club competition Champions. 2.Kallang 5-a-side (Season 15 Division 9 - 1st Runner-Up) 3.Espzen sunday league 2010 div 10 Runners-up
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