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Monday, 11 December 2017
It's now 5:26 PM in Singapore
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Marceles United Football Club
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Away Kit:
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Team WebSite: http://
Description: Established in 1998, we were formerly known as Woodlands Youth and Marceles Juniors. It started with a group of friends who simply love soccer and we find it astonishing and humbling that our friendship have surpassed a decade, and we are still going strong even with families and kids for most of us. Some members have left, but some have entered our circle to carry on our legacy.
Team Honours: Friendship Cup 2001 -3rd Friendship Cup 2002 - Champions Friendship Cup 2003- Champions Friendship Cup 2004 - Champions Sunsports Tournament -3rd X League Divison 1 - Champions Season 1 to Season 3
Sponsor(1): DJM GARAGE
Sponsor(1) Website: DJM GARAGE LIMITED
Sponsor(2): HAWK RENT A CAR
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