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Friday, 24 November 2017
It's now 1:52 PM in Singapore
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Atlas Football Club
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Description: DBFC Established in 2009. Steadily improving from whipping boys in 2009/2010 to finishing 4th in season 2013/2014. Who are we? A very well balanced team of friendly old and young, pace and experience, grafters and flair players. Europeans, or Asian. Our last match had Spanish, Italian, British, french, Greeks, Canadian, indian, Singaporean, Malays, Korean, Vietnamese. Folks are bankers, engineers, doctors, teachers, builders there are no boundaries. The manager Damian, who appears to be semi retired and now full time shouting at (. Errr sorry I mean managing ) the team. Damian is British with a strange Irish and Indian parentage. Probably explains the diversity of the squad. Anyway the gaffer was a hard tackling tireless defensive midfielder who appreciates players with different skill sets. The team: There are no cliques, no favorites. If you perform and you are a team player then you start the match. Players that don't perform are given the chance to improve through one of our weekend teams. The manager leads by example, he is sh*t so that's why he puts himself on the bench.. Hah haha seriously drinks normally happen after every match so morale is good. Want to join? If are you keen to join we will welcome all new recruits normally breaking you into one of our 5-a-side teams or weekend 11 a side teams. Before putting you in our midweek evening team. Contact us
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