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Friday, 24 November 2017
It's now 1:52 PM in Singapore
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Hilderinc Football Club
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Description: Harvester Football Club started with six blokes meeting to form a football team on a hot Sunday afternoon in June 2000 at Bishan Park. Six guys from all works of life but with love for the beautiful game. We met, played and the rest they say 'Is History!' Over the course of the years, we have come a long way. From our days as a bunch of goof balls trying to form a championship winning team, to a talented and growing team. It has been a long but exciting adventure. Many players have worn the not so famous jersey of HFC but we have had our fair share of mavericks. An Italian Coach, five Japanese imports in our first season at the Agape Cup. One of the Japanese player's own goals whenever his wife comes to watch him play, a reserve goalie who cried every time he conceded a goal. We even had 'David Beckham' play for us. Coming so close in many semi finals of the Agape Cup, Referee Eric the 'Terrible', the mass brawls and of course the wonderful players, goals and victories have been highlights over the years. In the year 2010, we celebrated ten years as a team. We have managed to survive where many have disappeared. Though many players have 'grown up' and left the team, we have been getting stronger and stronger and we will continue to get stronger each year. So continues our journey for greater glory!
Team Honours: Agape Cup Football Tournament 2004 - 3rd. 2005 - 4th. 2006 - 3rd. 2009 - 4th.
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