ESPZEN Sunday League Season 30
2019-Jun-30 03:00 PM
PSA Keppel Pitch

Hibernians Social Football Club 2 vs 7 FC MYK

Somewhere in the heart of Mount Hib, Ch'dash stood stoic, where a ring of goblin warlocks stood around a great fire overlooking a pit dug deep into the earth. The smell of burnt wood and decaying plant matter, mingled with the damp and heavy air of the cave. Piles of bones litter the muddy floor, many of which the wretched goblins have taken to use as trophies, wearing them as mementos on their bare, reptilian-skinned bodies.     A whirlpool of magic, twisting in an array of brilliant colours, hovered above the fire, seemingly alive when it suddenly turned into itself and then, nothing. Slowly, a slit materialised where the magic danced moments before and dark shadows crept forth from the newly created opening between the nether realms. The goblins nervously tried to step back but a quick glance towards Ch’dash froze them all in their tracks. Facing the growing shadow and its horrors was still a better fate than disobeying the Great Shaman.    The shadow, as if gaining sentience, moved towards a goblin, stopping inches from it’s green, dull-witted face. The shadow raised itself forward, and waited. It was like it was offering itself to the goblin. The goblin peeked at Ch’dash, then put its long scaley hand into the void. The darkness inside the shadow could only be described as the total and utter absence of light. It would be no darker were your eyeballs removed from your head.    The wretched creature pulled back its hand, clutching something resembling a book. S’teveJon’, a giant welsh mountain troll, hobbled forward and snatched the item from the goblin. The goblin bared its needle-like teeth and hissed but it knew better to challenge the troll. S'teveJon’s pot-belly body bears the many scars of battle and his missing foot suggested that this crippled leviathan was used as a creature of war many moons ago. Now, it spends most of its days breaking rocks with his head to try and regain favour with Ch’dash.   The troll slowly makes his way to Ch’dash, bowing his head as he offers the book to the great shaman. The goblins howled and danced around the great fire, beating their bone trophies together in frenzied, uncontrollable joy, They have been anticipating this moment for years.    “Finally…"Ch’dash declared, “The dossier is complete! The Hibs Social will never lose again! Rejoice!”   S’teveJon and the goblins howled even louder in agreement.     The next day, Hibs Social lost 6-2.   Shit. 

Both team has about 13 players only at bigger size pf pitch. Thus, ball possession and free running were important. Seems opponents lose concentration in second half but MYK continue own foot ball styles.

Hibernians Social Football Club 's Man of The Match
Name Hakan Hulten
Position Utility Player
Hibernians Social Football Club 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

Hibernians Social Football Club 's Scorers
Scorer: Hakan Hulten
Position: Utility Player
Time of Goal: 10
Assisted by: Kaydash Cheung
Scorer: Gary Corner
Position: Midfield - Centre
Time of Goal: 20
Assisted by: Hakan Hulten
FC MYK 's Man of The Match
Name Yusaku Miki
Position Ex-Player
FC MYK 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

FC MYK 's Goal Scorers
Scorer: Hiroyuki Takatsuka
Position: Ex-Player
Time of Goal: 12 mins
Assisted By: Hiro Sugi
Scorer: Taisuke Tetsu
Position: Striker
Time of Goal: 25 mins
Assisted By: Yusaku Miki
Scorer: Yusaku Miki
Position: Ex-Player
Time of Goal: 35 mins
Assisted By: Tsuyoshi Sasaki
Scorer: Kyohei Morita
Position: Full Back - Right
Time of Goal: 50 mins
Assisted By: Taisuke Tetsu
Scorer: Tsuyoshi Sasaki
Position: Midfield - Centre
Time of Goal: 63 mins
Assisted By: Yusaku Miki
Scorer: Yusaku Miki
Position: Ex-Player
Time of Goal: 78 mins
Assisted By: Jun Kimura
Scorer: Kyohei Morita
Position: Full Back - Right
Time of Goal: 85 mins
Assisted By: Yasutaro Fujita

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