Team Name: Kabuki Knights East Futsal Club
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Westcoast Midweek Season 1 CHAMPIONS!Eastcoast Midweek Season 15 Div2 Runners Up!2015/16 FA CUP PLATE CHAMPION!2016 Champions Cup Winner!
we are bunch of good guys, halfaway fit enjoying after game drinks more than the actual game. we formed the team as most of these teams are being formed, whilst having a couple of beers moaning about how fat we became with only eating and drinking (mostly drinking) and not doing any sports...this moaning process had to take place like 99 times until somebody finally had a look at that homepage and another 6 months from the first look at the homepage to the the idea of starting in this league was created like in June 2009 but actual founding year is 2010.We first registered for the west coast midweek league as this was the only league commencing more or less immediately. You know how it is, in the first place you do not get your lazy arse up but after you did you want to have it IMMEDIATELY...But as most of our player`s had to leave their homes around noon time in order to reach the West Coast Pitch on time for the 8pm Kick-off we decided to take the more convenient way and change to the East Coast. One other reason also was that saving time for transportation = creating more time for after game drinks!!!

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  • Address: 7 Temasek Boulevard #12-07 Suntec Tower One Singapore 038987