League Charter

The ESPZEN committment to its teams:

  • ESPZEN is committed to continually improve it's league organisation through the continued automation of the website.
  • ESPZEN is committed to provide teams in an ESPZEN league with first class league administration with regularly updated results, fixtures and league tables.
  • ESPZEN is committed to search for new soccer fields to enhance the playing experiences of the teams.
  • ESPZEN is committed to search for new teams to provide greater opportunities for competition.
  • ESPZEN is committed to search for new sponsorship opportunities for the league and / or other football competitions.
  • ESPZEN is committed to act upon feedback from team managers on all soccer related issues (from Referees, pitch quality, discipline).
  • ESPZEN is committed to recruit the most competent referees it can find.
  • ESPZEN is committed to provide fair and just competition for all teams.
  • ESPZEN is committed to maintain our standing as the most respected amateur soccer league in Singapore and within the region.

Team's Committment to the ESPZEN League:

  • Each club will strive to ensure that fixtures are confirmed as pre-scribed in the relevant league terms and conditions
  • Each club will ensure payment of league fees due is timely and will not seek credit.
  • Each club will ensure their players arrive on time, ready to kick off at the pre-determined time, it is recommended teams arrive 20mins before kick off.
  • Each club will submit their match reports, no later than two days after the match
  • Each club will organize their players, in such a way that there will be very few cancellations of games throughout the season
  • Each club will report concerns (weathered pitches, no shows of referees, misbehaviour of players, etc.) to ESPZEN
  • Each club will ensure that every player who plays for their team will be registered on the ESPZEN website
  • Each club will agree to provide the email address for all registered players
  • Each club will maintain a good sportsmanlike relationship between all ESPZEN League teams.
  • Each club agrees it will abide by disciplinary action for a given player should the league feel action is necessary
  • Each club agrees not to play a player who has received a red card the week earlier.

  • Contact Us

  • E-mail: 11aside@espzen.com
  • Mobile: (65)9169-8530 / (65)8233 2820
  • Address: 7 Temasek Boulevard #12-07 Suntec Tower One Singapore 038987